Raya Meddine Let Go from The Young and the Restless

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Raya Meddine has been let go from The Young and the Restless.

No final airdate has been announced for the character of Sabrina, but a few clips/The Young and the Restless spoilers make it seem as though Sabrina is involved in a tragedy that will unfold around the time of the Charity Ball.

Raya Meddine, Eric Braeden

Raya Meddine, who has been let go, poses alongside co-star Eric Braeden.

Meddinea had signed a three-year contract in February, but Sabrina never really caught on as a character. Vewers commonly expressed their disappoinment in her in The Young and the Restless forums.

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what was the name of the opera song Victor played in Sabrina's office after Sabrina died.


Are you kidding me? What a stupid mistake to take off Sebrina. I've watched Y&R since the beginning and this was one of the best pairings that I have ever seen. Who ever made the decision to let her go should be the one to be fired. Scarlett LaVon


y & r, hugh mistake letting Sabrina go. Her character could have brought so much to the show. What were you thinking. We all loved her. you need to bring her back as a twin sister and let victor fall in love all over again. Bring her back!!! I have watched y & r since day one but this is it if she does not return. Nikki needs to go...... everyone is tired of her. You have worn out the y & r fans with victor and nikki yuck!!!


Bring Sabrina back!!! You could bring her back by having her dreamed all this!! David and Chloe who care boring!!So please recast Sabrina you could definitly go far with her character!!


I think letting Sabrina go was a terrible decision. as a character, she was kind, and was unselfish. they need more people like that on the show. I hope to see her soon in another soap, or a movie. she is wonderful and pretty!


i think it was a bad move to let sabrina die. i really didn't like her character or the actress at first, but realized she was so much better than the same old crew. why not eliminate lily and kane, the biggest bores of all. and chloe.


I love Sabrina as a character and I love her and Victor as a couple. I respect her character on the show and she has such a presence about her. I am deeply saddened that the writers at Y & R have allowed her character to die. She is such a breath of fresh air and so many characters are not "respectable" these days. Even my husband started watching the show since Victor and Sabrina became a couple. We watched the show every day because of them. I hope they will find some way to undo this. I think letting Sabrina go was a HUGE mistake. How can they keep Chloe on the show and let Sabrina go? The Chloe, Cane, Lily storyline doesn't hold even half the fascination of Victor and Sabrina. Writers, please bring Sabrina back. Thank you!


I emailed Y&R begging the writters not to kill off Sebrina from the show but they did anyway. I love Raya character Sebrina she is beautiful and I was rooting for Victor to go after her when he followed her to CA. I am so mad now it is going to take me a month r so even b 4 I want to look at Y&R again.


There has been times in real life that someone was pronounce dead and hours later they start breathing again. Do this wis Subrina and take her off another way. Send her away on for something and never come back. Please bring her back for a little while longer and for God sakes kill off Chole. Let her runn in a ditch. Victory needs to get back friend with Subrina and her Dad needs to forgive her. Please don't do them this way.


I know the writers of the young and restless might have Victor and Nikki get back together once Sabrina dies if so I will not watch the show anymore. I do not want to see Victor back with Nikki. I would like to see Sabrina get well and her and victor together and they have a baby. Please get rid of Chole she is a waste and a horrible actress. If sabrina dies i will no longer watch the show.


The Young and the Restless Quotes

See, I only work out so I can eat doughnuts.


That was Victor's doing. It was purely personal. Believe me, old moneybags is going to eat his words. The magazine is gonna do great, and beauty of nature will be left in the dust.