Yet Another Blake Lively-Penn Badgley PDA

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OMG Dan and Serena... oh wait, no. That's just our favorite dating Gossip Girl stars, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley. Our bad!

Below, Penn and Blake take their romance off-screen with a little make-out session on Manhattan's Upper East Side Tuesday...

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Love

The constant love-fest between Penn Badgley and Blake Lively might be annoying after awhile if we weren't so nuts about the young Gossip Girl cuties!

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yeh i agree, he needs a hair cut
i like it short, but longer than it was episode 1
they r gr8 2gethea!!


I love D and S and they totally deserve to getback together, even if the writers at the end of Season 1 wrote him to make us want to strangle his neck! But above in this real life pic, HE NEEDS A HAIRCUT cause this isn't the best photo of them! They are adorable either way though!


they look sweet together on and off screen. i cannot wait 4 the nxt season it looks reali gd. xoxo


this couple is annoying, the cental relationship is dating eachother in RL, umm, great? can we move on now? By the way, as much as hate D/S, I thought the penn/blake thing was kind of cah-ute at first but know it's ah-noy-ing


stop writing about the website. this isnt a website for that go try somewhere else!!!!!!! o and blake and penn are a great couple on the show and off


呵呵,I'm a china girl.I love G`G!!!

Gossipgirl loverx3


Addicted 2 gg

naww cute love them together... hope dan and serena get bak togetherr! =]


Love Dan and Serena and Penn and Blake. Nate is a biggest tool on the show


WTF its supposed to be NATE AND SERENA!!!!! Dan is so Fucking annoying!


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