A Detailde Analysis of the Heroes Season Two Trailer

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Remember that two-minute preview of Heroes season two? Here it is again:


A television critic at TV Guide has actually broken down the video scene by scene, second by secomd. Here's an inside look at what he's come up with:

0:02 Angela tells a strapped-down Sylar, "You are indeed very special... and you need to be strong for what's to come."  Since when are these two chummy?

0:15 HRG to Claire: "Since before you were even born, I was finding these people and locking them away so they couldn’t hurt anybody."

0:21 Claire is trapped in a closet while Sylar looms outside; prepare to have your brain sucked out, Claire. Tough break.

0:24 It's Matt Parkman... stranded in the middle of some arid plain!

0:28 A close-up of someone's eye snapping open; we suspect it's Angela, or someone else wearing eyeliner. (Sylar?)

0:31 Creepy NBC promo guy says, "Welcome to Level 5... a secret prison for the greatest threat to society." We are digging the premise that there was a holding cell for specially abled baddies. That said, "the greatest threat to society" immediately makes me think of the popularity of The Hills.

0:43 "Where'd they go?" barks Peter. Answers Mom, plainly, "Escaped." Angela doesn’t seem too broken up about it, either.

0:50 "Hello, Claire."

0:56 "There are quantum leaps in science one dreams of being a part of." It wouldn’t be Heroes without Mohinder waxing scientifically.

1:01 Mo and Maya macking! Waxing scientifically = aphrodisiac.

1:04 Hiro meets "the Speedster"

1:13 Mohinder jabs syringe into his arm; What sort of powers are left for Nice Guy, Science Guy to develop?

1:23 It's Niki/Jessica/(Tracy?)... in lingerie!

1:36 A city explodes!

1:41 Claire holds a gun on Peter

Otherwise known as the ending to Hayden and Milo's worst date ever. But, seriously, what's up with brunette and badass Claire-bear? Did the cheer squad lose regionals?

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[voiceover] In the beginning there was discovery. A confusion of elements. The first snowfall of impossible change. Old lives undone, left behind. Strange faces, made familiar. New nightmares, to challenge sleep. New friends, to feel safe with. Only then comes control. The need to impose order unto chaos, through determination through study, through struggle. All in defiance of a thundering truth. They’re here, and the earth shudders underfoot.


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