Chuck and Blair ... or Nate and Blair?

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Chuck Bass or Nate Archibald? The incomparable Miss Blair Waldorf had romantic entanglements with both in Season One of Gossip Girl. But which handsome prep schooler do you think she belongs with? Tell us in the poll below ...

Only Chuck Bass
A Pensive Blair Waldorf
Back 2 School 4 Nate

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Well, I only like to watch this show becuz of Chuck and Blair. They are so damn cute together. Without both of them I wouldn't wanna watch this show. What more to say? I love CHAIR Forever!!


oh im so confused!! but i definitely love blair and chuck..why?because eventhough he's a badass, we can see the good/soft side in him when he's with blair..he loves blair so's just so sad that he'd not man enough to own up to it.. it's so disappointing that he wasn't able to mention the 3 simple words that blair wants to hear..nevertheless, he appreciates blair and loves her to death..chuck is so HOT!!
did i mention that i was confused??haha that's because i also blair and nate!! nate is so handsome and HOT!! i love his perfect blue is so beautiful,sexy and enigmatic..going back..blair and nate look perfect together..and during the flashbacks, you can see how in love they are..and how PERFECT they are for each other..but the bad thing is nate failed to appreciate blair..he took her for granted..he cant forgive blair for a mistake that he too had committed!! that's why i would really,somehow, wanted to seeh ow things would work if they get back together and once again fall in love and become will surely be a bliss..i dont know..but i just can't shake the feeling of wishing they'd be back together.. so confused right.. i dont want either of them to get hurt by losing blair..
can we just have 2 alternate endings??
1.blair with chuck
2.blair with nate
i watch the series because of BLAIR..+chuck and +nate......then serena, dan, jenny.........vanessa..


Chuck and Blair..obviously!
Aww so cute :) xxx


Blair and Nate for life!=) And I think in the recent episode, "Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?," Nate is starting to fancy blair again or am I misunderstanding his loving smirk for Blair.=) The wait is killing me, but I do hope they get back together. They are perfect for each other. I just think Nate got so hurt by what happened that it overshadowed his feelings for Blair. But now that he is seeing Blair's good side again, I think BATE getting back together is not that far fetched.Ü Oh please, please, let it be BATE again. I promise I'll be a good girl for Christmas! haha! But I'll still hate Vanessa no matter what.


blair and chuck are so sweet together.. but yes they're too similar. almost like bestfriends to lovers. Nate and Blair! every story needs a happy ending haha


Nate and Blair FTW! Chuck and Blair seem so forced and ridiculous - they're far too similar to each other. Blair needs someone who can be there for her through thick and thin, who can calm her down when she gets too Blair-like and who won't abandon her when something better comes along. I know a lot of people seem to like Chuck/Blair but I just don't see it. Realistically, regardless of the route the show is taking, I don't think Blair will ever love Chuck the way she loved Nate. She just won't. Plus Chace and Leighton look WAY better together.


Of course blair and chuck,,,nate and ME !!!! hOhOhO....


blair is really mean for chuck even he is a bad boy, but chuck love her much.. that's why i'd prefer to CHAIR..


i wasn't sure but but now i am. i prefer blair and nate. Chuck and blair they are so mean sometimes, they look like each other and that's very funny but only when they are lovers. If their relationship becomes official it's nomore fun. they are not made for each other, unlike blair and nate, it's clear. i think blair and chuck can stay lovers for a while but then blair has to go back with nate, who is different (that's also why i'm for "bate", because in a couple, people have to be different, to surprise) and be together a great, cute, funny, wonderful couple! and chuck can forget blair bracause he is not really in love with blair, just like blair is not with chuck. chair, it's just a passing fancy!


no doubt about it.


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