Chuck and Blair ... or Nate and Blair?

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Chuck Bass or Nate Archibald? The incomparable Miss Blair Waldorf had romantic entanglements with both in Season One of Gossip Girl. But which handsome prep schooler do you think she belongs with? Tell us in the poll below ...

Only Chuck Bass
A Pensive Blair Waldorf
Back 2 School 4 Nate

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on the show i like chair in the books i like bate


CHuck and blAIR! CHAIR for the win! I watch the show because of them. Need I say more?


BLAIR AND CHUCK!!!!! they have AMAZINGLY HOT chemistry!!! i`m soOo excited to see them in season 2!!!! CHAIR FTW!!!


CHAIR! They have that spice that makes them such a hot couple! Nate and Blair were that "perfect" couple...made me sick! Especially since Nate didn't appreciate what he had with her and was always thinking of Serena while he was with Blair.


duh...of course CHUCK and blair!!!!!!!!!!


obviously CHAIR but could they have took a worser picture of chuck ? even though with the red pants and the weird hair i'd totally marry him !!!!!!!!!!


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