Gossip Girl Caption Contest 14

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Welcome to Gossip Girl Insider - the Internet's #1 Gossip Girl fan site - and the 14th edition of our fun, traditional Friday Caption Contest!

This week's winner is blake-lover. Nice work! Scroll down for the full list of entries we received. The winning entry appears under the photo!

The Wedding Party

(all, thinking...)
Eric: Man that photographer is hot.
Serena: Man this dress sucks... my boobs are showing.
Lily: Man i loved that grudge sex...
Bart: I'm gonna get it onnn tonight!
Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass?

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Only In A Fairytale


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What a beautiful disaster.


Serena: Just smile and act like Dan didn't Break up with you.
Eric: Hey is that Asher?
Chuck: Shit were is my bow tie?
Lily: Last night never happned, last night never happned. Oh who am i kidding! Last night Did happen!
Bart: Man last night was great.


chuck my sweatheart is lookin gud i lov u chuck


GG: Memories can fade, a photo is forever. I might be quoting a certain fallen b*tch, but who can argue with the sight of one happy family? One loving mother, who sleeps with her daughter's boyfriend's father, plus one loving daughter who loves trouble(oh, and S please don't be sad because D is not there anymore; there is nothing more exciting than a new X-file in your drawer), plus one loving(preferably males) son, plus one 40 year old father (billionaire do prefer blondes, especially when they have half his age; haven't you heard L? B.B. was seen with a striper the night before and I don't think they were exchanging just life experience), plus one loving son(he's C.B., who can argue with that?) now that's the secret of a happy family! Happy ends are the beggining of sad stories. So the five of them lived happily never after...
You know you love me
xoxo Gossip Girl


soo happy together


Happy family? Unlikely...


perfect wedding: 1 million dollars.
perfect wardrobe: ten thousand dollars.
hella family: priceless.
for everything else MASTERCARD.


For Better or Worse...

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