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Gossip Girl Hair Affair: Taylor Momsen

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Yesterday, we told you how to emulate the gorgeous hairstyle of Gossip Girl starlet Blake Lively. Today, we're taking a look at the hair of another cast member - Taylor Momsen - and some of the variations she's shown of late.

Gossip Girl's "It Girl" and youngest actress (she's 15!) went from pretty to punk for the show's second-season premiere party in N.Y.C., swapping soft curls and subdued liner for stick-straight hair and sparkling shadow...

Which hairstyle looks best on Taylor Momsen?


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she looks so much better with curly can hardly see her face in the show with straight hair and all that black liner...its just not the same person at all almost


i love her straight hair i want it


i luv the dark thhing good look jay keep it up


taylor momsen is pretty women , i really like


Woww! she looks so bad wt straight hair. First her roots are black and her eyes make her look like a racoon. She is such a pretty girl but she looks horrible


she looks better with curly hair - she looks very wanabe with straight hair and dusnt get away with it. also it makes her dodgey roots more noticeable


She looks a bit druged up with the dark eyeshadow and super straight hair, a little 'try-hard' IMHO.
I mean I know the super dark eyeshadow is a must have for fall - in makeup wize but sometimes people should just not follow a trend, doesn't exactly suit everyone. So yep, the curls look lovely on her and for her age.


The straight hair ages her about 5 years. She looks like she could be heading off to college. They always refer to her as "Little J", but like that, she's more of a "Grown-up Jennifer"


I hate her hair straight! It makes her face look to round. She is still pretty, but it makes her look weird. She looks like she wants to hurt someone in that pic.


I prefer her hair curly, she looks brighter, perikier, more happy. she sort of key word SORT OF looks like heidi klum in her straight hair picture.

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