Gossip Girl Season 2: Extended Sneak Peak

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Big time Gossip Girl spoiler alert! Here's an extended (three-minute) sneak peak at the second season of Gossip Girl - specifically, the strained and tumultuous relationship between Blair and Chuck over the summer ...


Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms? Chime in on this new Gossip Girl video by posting a comment below! You can also follow the jump for a second clip we came across of Nate and his older woman ...


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can't wait for season 2.
i have been watching season 1 over and over again esp chair scenes. season 2 is going to be their season. i hope this time around, chuck wouldnt be influenced by his father, or anyone else, when it comes to his feelings with blair. be honest chuck, we're rooting for you!


OMG!!! i just CAN`T wait for S2 after seeing these spoilers!!! i LOVE Chair!!! they belong together!!! and when Chuck saw the heart on Marcus` sleave....i felt soOo sorry for him!!


i need to know who makes Blair's dress! The white one towards the end of the clip is gorgeous!


OUPS !! Sorry wrong topic..


Larissa : The song in the first promo was : Ca plane pour moi of Plastic Bertrand


poor chuck!


Oh boy.. now we all know why nate is running almost naked... lol, at the beginning I wanted Blair to go with Nate, now it's all the inverse! I want Blair with Chuck! =)


i have a question or whatever u may call it but will B still love chuck when he sees nate and serena ? we all know b wants everything ( still love her though) but won't she want nate back just for a minute even if it's second ? and nate i can't believe he'll just let b go without even trying to make it work ( just to make it clear am a totally chair fun ) but still ...


Wow!! I want it to start now!!! Did C just said that he might be comming to Argentina?? mmm......... hahaha!!! I'll be here ;) Anyhow, great vid! Xo!

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