Grey's Anatomy Gossip (Sort of) on Izzie's Love Story

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Reading Michael Ausiello's spoiler column today in Entertainment Weekly, we came across this tidbit pertaining to our beloved Grey's Anatomy.

Specifically, to Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and the "big love story" that is rumored for her character in the upcoming fifth season.

Attempted humor aside, it looks as though some of your theories of Izzie's adopted daughter making an appearance could be coming to fruition ...


Q: Do you have any word on what the big love story is that Shonda Rhimes has planned for Izzie this season on Grey's Anatomy?

A: I'm inclined to agree with most Ausholes on this one: Bee-yotch wants her baby back, baby back, baby back.

No one said it was a romantic love story, did they?

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I love Denny.
I love the show.
All of them. GO GREYS

Avatar izzie may not be getting any this season!?!?!? duuuuuuuude!!! that sucks!!! i really liked her with Alex from the beggining, sure he started off as a jerk...but then he evolved like most men should. and then he was all hurt when she screwed george and not him!!! and i think he really has a sensitve side-we saw that w ava thingy. so i truly think Izzie should stick to Alex, he was the one who got her off Denny's dead body!


I agree too McIrish. I'm appalled when people say that Alex is way too good for Izzie - the guy who cheated on her. They've all got problems and do stupid things at certain points on Grey's Anatomy, and having watched every episode - Izzie still remains my favourite character. I'd be interested in a storyline with Hannah.. I don't think she'd be wanting to take her away from her parents. That'd just be ridiculous. Maybe the girl is just ready to meet her, or there are some more medical issues. At least it looks like the love story isn't with Alex, so thank god for that.


McIRISH you are my hero! took the words right out of my mouth!!! so...ditto!


In mine too. If you went on fanforum, you would find many people who enjoy Izzie and George characters, they have big fan threads there.


Phew, I'm glad at least some people agree with me on this, I was expecting to get inundated with comments to the contrary! Lol. So, here's to Izzie and George, who are two of the most enjoyable characters on the show in my humble opinion!


I am sick and tired of people here harping on both George and Izzie who are to m the most caring characters on the show


I completely agree with you McIrish.
I could not have said it better myself :)


OMG I'm sick of hearing people hating on Izzie. Why is she anymore selfish, judgemental or annoying than say, Cristina or Meredith? For example Izzie AND Meredith were both evil and judgemental to Callie when she first started seeing George...and well, Cristina (though I know it's a large part of her character) is the most selfish person on the show! And don't get me started on how whiny and annoying Meredith can be! I'm not hating on any of the characters, because I love them all, but it seems that Meredith is allowed to be whiny and 'troubled' because of her past...well, Izzie's past has hardly been any better has it?
I feel like people hate on Izzie at the moment just because of the whole KH comment over the Emmy...well, she's entitled to her opinion, and yes, she really wasn't given Emmy-worthy material in S4, I think we'd all agree on that, so the girl has a point...
Ok rant over, as for this storyline, if it happens I think it will be because something tragic happens to her parents or something, because Izzie is actually a very warm and kind character and I couldn't imagine her wanting to tear the girl away from her parents somehow


I would looooove Izzie's daughter to come back, 'seriously' how cute would that be?

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