Grey's Anatomy Gossip (Sort of) on Izzie's Love Story

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Reading Michael Ausiello's spoiler column today in Entertainment Weekly, we came across this tidbit pertaining to our beloved Grey's Anatomy.

Specifically, to Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and the "big love story" that is rumored for her character in the upcoming fifth season.

Attempted humor aside, it looks as though some of your theories of Izzie's adopted daughter making an appearance could be coming to fruition ...


Q: Do you have any word on what the big love story is that Shonda Rhimes has planned for Izzie this season on Grey's Anatomy?

A: I'm inclined to agree with most Ausholes on this one: Bee-yotch wants her baby back, baby back, baby back.

No one said it was a romantic love story, did they?

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I agree yogi going back with Alex would be going super extremely backward but the kiss wasn't hot, it was sort of gross and pathetic, the whole tear flinging in her face, yuck, I hope she bathed after. Now her kiss with Georeg in the elevator, that was HOT!


My God, why don't they kill Izzy off already. I really don't care about Izzy, she's annoying, judging and selfish. She doesn't add anything to the show, so I would be really happy if they killed her off. Because I'm sure Shonda came up with this story line because Heigl was bitching and moaning for "better" storylines. Blehhh


This storyline could earn Katie another Emmy next year!She needs to give the men a rest for awhile. Her love life is disasterous. Resuming a relatiosnhip with Alex would be going super backwards, although the kiss in the finale was very hot! What about a triangle with Cristina for the heart of Owen Hunt? (hint, hint Shonda)


love this site, but this story is lame. quit grasping. i'd rather wait to read a good story than read these crummy hunches!


That is just Ass speculating based on what WE said. The idiot knows nothing as usual.


That would be so sad if she did that!! The little girl is 10 years old, so Izzie would be taking her away from her family she has known her whole life...and gone through cancer with! Very sad story!


wow that should be interesting

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