Incredible Heroes Spoiler of the Day: A Son for Sylar!

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This is easily the most perplexing, shocking Heroes spoiler for season three that we've posted yet. It comes courtesy of a reliable source, Kristin of E!, so it's safe to assume the following: Sylar has a son... named Noah!

Here's what Kristin writes:

In the future, Sylar has a four-year-old named Noah (which has to be in memory or honor of our Noah Bennet, aka H.R.G.), and according to Zachary Quinto, Sylar's baby mama is "silver-tongued and alive. I don't know what else to say. I can't give that away—it's too good."

I'm voting for Kristen Bell's Elle, who could certainly be characterized as silver-tongued, although perhaps I'm just thinking of Veronica Mars.

That's certainly a lot to process. Any theories, readers?

Season Three Spoiler

This is a photo from season three, showing HRG and Sylar getting along surprisingly well. According to the spoiler above, there's a lot more to this relationship than we ever imagined.

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Too bad this part was never solved in the show, but I am almost sure the mother was Claire, there definitely was a spark between them :)


Sylar's son's mumu is definately to be Clair! they live in where Clair Bear lived and Noah is named after Clair's dad. Maybe for some reason Clair changed and there must be a story there. And for so many series i just found Sylar is too ambiguous...something "you would maybe fall in love me oneday" like that...


And, Matt marries Daphanie. Peter didn't kill his father, Sylar killed him.


Alright, first off, SPOILER!!!! Elle is dead. Sylar killed her. Sylar IS NOT an uncle to Claire. Angelia tells him that in the last episode of Heroes. I know this hasn't been updated in some time, but there. I have no fricken clue who the mother could be.


sylers real fathe is said to be a star from er and in the future elle marries matt and they have a daughter together.When you find out who sylars baby mama is you'll be real shocked.oh and peter kills his father.


Another theory is when Elle seems she can't control her powers maybe its not her powers doing that but she might already have a little Sylar in her that's using its powers. She was probably prego for Sylar and doesn't know it yet.


I think Elle is the baby mama for one thing because both Sylar and Elle are being redeemed as heroes and just like Peter, Elle would have spent time with Sylar while he was locked up at the Company maybe she started to have feelings for him then, also both were sociopaths, or Sylar and Elle might have meet before Sylar ever know he had powers and she went looking for him on Company's orders since they know that Angela Petrelli's sons all have powers. But Elle might help Sylar bring down Pinehearst and they might develope feelings from their and besides Sylar's son has blonde hair, and thats just wrong to persume it is Claire's.


I think it's all a lot simpler than that, thinking of what powers we've seen... Future sylar raising young noah. I think it IS HRG as a kid, but he was brought back in time for some reason. Doubt that Gabriel is the kid's biological father tho, and I can't think who the mum could be.
So, Noah HRG Bennet was a kid from the future brought up by a sociopathic watchmaking mutant


Come on, is THE noah, Claire wouldnt have a baby with her uncle..yuk.
I agree with the theory that a hero has power to rejuvenate.. Veronica Mars was soooooooo cool...and I hated Elle at first, cause she was bitchy and all...and I watched VM after and now i loooooove Elle, we never see her :( And HRG is too young to have fathered Sylar, no?


tim kring said in an interview, that eden is definately not coming back from the dead, although your theories sound quite convincing...

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