More Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Spoilers Ahead!

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E! Online has uncovered some solid Grey's Anatomy spoilers after sitting down for a one-on-one talk with the always intriguing Eric Dane, who hinted at a big romance coming up for his character, Mark Sloan, in the upcoming season five.

Some of these Grey's Anatomy spoilers are actually kind of juicy. If you wish to learn some of the details Dane shared, as well as what's up in the love lives of Drs. Izzie Stevens and Meredith Grey, you'll have to follow the jump ...

Is McSteamy finding the McOne?

The always steamy Eric Dane hinted that Dr. Mark Sloan might finally meet his romantic match this year, telling E!'s Kristin Dos Santos:

"I think he's going to [find real love] this season. I don't know how long that's going to last. The nature of the show is people don't stay together very long. We always end up back together, and then we break up again, then we get back together again — but I think this year he's going to find somebody."

Now, the money question: Is it someone we know?

"I hope so," Eric said with his signature, mischievous grin, making one think it is most definitely someone we've already met. Any guesses?

According to another Grey's Anatomy source, McSteamy and Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) share a scene in episode three, which is shooting now.

He's single, she's single, he's McSteamy, she's Meredith's sister, the Grey girls love McDoctors ... Double McGrey wedding for the finale?

That's just one theory, of course. Now back to the gossip.

What are we to make of Shonda Rhimes' statement to TV Guide this week that "Izzie's (Katherine Heigl) got a love story — and it's a big one, one that I've been kicking around in my head for a bit, one that required me to take a huge leap of faith in myself, one that is so secret that I have not told anyone. Not the writers, not anyone."

Could that possibly mean an appearance by the daughter that Izzie gave up for adoption when she was a teen? E! says that storyline would be resurfacing at some point - and no one said "love story" means romance, right?

Lastly on the Grey's Anatomy spoiler front, many of the new medical stories this season will involve couples whose relationships could shed some light on that of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey).

In one case, when a wife throws a remote control at her man, the resulting examination of his skull reveals a tumor. Expect Meredith to learn a little something by the end of this particular episode about arguments in long-term relationships that applies to fight night at the McMansion.

In particular, the lesson is, you know, "Use your words!"

What does everyone think of these potential spoilers? Share!

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bring addie bk..privite practice kinda sux bt she dosent.


I don't want Izzy to leave! Because I like Izzy and Alex together.


I don't want Izzy to leave ! Will McSteamy go CRAZY when Izzy dies and he can't save her either! this is getting CRAZY!!! I love all of them ! George is kinda lating low will Izzy's illness bring him back or is he really going! some many questions !!


obviousley meredith and derek forever
i still luvv alex and izzie
even though she's also with denny who is dead!!!
mark can't settle down with anyone so we will see what happens with him
but i hate christina and owen hunt it's a very wierd couple
when are meredith and derek gonna get married i hope soon


mcsteamy and lexie!!!!!


denyy sorta comes bak and izzy has sex with him


i love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! slon u are so hot i just wanna eat you up mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mcdreamy mhhhhhhhhhhhh goerge ilove you goerge ilove izzy christina when igrow up i wanna be just like you and nothing less you make my life dude


Lexie and Mcsteamy no way tht sounds icky it would just be so wrong i think tht lexie should be with george which will cause some tention between george and merideth nd then izzie nd alex should get back together again. Callie should break up wif mcsteamy nd hav a 1nite stand wif a guy then become pregnant nd be with hann nd yes definitly bring addie back i love her nd i really wna c mcsteamy nd mcdreamy fight over her and then a new love intrest come in so tht while mcsteamy nd mcdreamy are fightin ovr addie she starts going out with this new guy called like mcsexy or something maybe they should cast james denton that would be interesting.


I can only hope Mark and Izzie get together! I've been rooting for it since Season 3! Not to mention the uberlong fanfic I wrote about the two of them. If that happened it would seriously renew my faith in Grey's.


Personally, I like the idea of George and Izzie. McSteamy is too... McSteamy for her. I'd say put him with Izzie, but Alex/Izzie is where it's at. And I'd love to see Izzie's daughter come back into her life. Bring on Season 5.

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