Nell Mooney to Join Cast of As the World Turns

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Nell Mooney the past season's Inturn winner, is set to join the cast of As the World Turns in the role of Spencer McKay. Spencer will host a variety show with Brad (Austin Peck), while also keeping a secret from all those in Oakdale.

Mooney will first appear in early October.

Mooney won a 13-week contract on As the World Turns after being voted the winner of Inturn by online viewers.

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Nell should have never won and it has been proven by her horrible acting that she has displayed on ATWT. She has been dreadful to watch. Overacting, ugly smile, disgusting laugh, and her overall appearence is just gross. I also heard in an interview that she did that she had a friend that worked in connection with the show. I'm sure strings were pulled because otherwise they would have never let her on the show. She makes the show look cheap. When she is gone the quality of the show will resume and i will start watching again. Nell, your terrible.


Yay for Nell! She had the most personality, most acting chops, and best smile of the whole cast! She so deserved it and I'm so glad she won!


She should of never won InTurn3-she was horrible and overacted in every scene, the other two final InTurns were so much better actors than her. The supposed outcome of voting on InTurn 3 (viewers decide) seems that voters dont really decide--they never posted the actual count of votes for each InTurn--I believe Nell was chosen from the start of InTurn3 to be the winner, they wanted a woman winner that season. Hopefully, the other two final InTurns will get work in another soap, because Chris Goutman/executive producer for ATWT made a huge mistake giving Nell Mooney the 13 week contract, had one of the other two final InTurns won, ATWT would have seen a much need increase in its viewship---Nell Mooney will not bring that.


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