The (Grant) Show Goes on to Private Practice

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Grant Show is trading in a polyester suit for some circa-2008 scrubs.

The Swingtown stud has signed on to appear in an early Season 2 episode of Private Practice, Entertainment Weekly reports.

This guest star news comes the same week as Billy Dee Williams has agreed to appear on the Grey's Anatomy spin-off.

Grant Show

Grant Show's character, a charming and flirtatious doctor, has ties to a Private Practice regular. Hmm. Who could it be?

Very interesting, regardless. Any thoughts as to which Oceanside staffer may have a skeleton in his or her closet?

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Isn't he going to play Addison's brother? :D
Can't wait! :)


ITA Kerry.
Tim Daly and Kate Walsh are great together. They have fantastic chemistry. Also Addison and Pete as characters are a perfect match. Pete only needs to get over his issues and I would love to see Addison helping him with it.
Besides, why to add new characters if it's obvious that they are only plot devices and will disappear after just a few episodes.


GRANT SHOW PLEASE !!!! EWWWW Adding to the PRIVATE PRACTICE was the perfect opurtunity to invite JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN so all of us needing our (once was) Denny fix once again. I know I would not miss one single show !!!!


He bears a striking resembalence to John Edwards. Please keep Paddison alive. Don't kill the show with Officer Nelson and the Grant Show character. Pete is the only one for Addison. Tim Daly's sizzling chemistry with Kate Walsh is extremely interesting and erotic. Don't fix it if it ain't broken.


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