Blake Lively Swimsuit Pictures: Beautiful Stuff

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Blake Lively is amazing.

The 21-year-old Gossip Girl star looks sensational in a one-piece swimsuit in this spread we came across. We're not sure where the pictures originated from (leave a comment and let us know if you do), but they're beautiful in a classic way ...

Blake Lively, Swimsuit

Making a strong claim to the title of most gorgeous human being alive, the California girl turns what would be an ordinary black-and-white photo shoot in a one-piece suit into something memorable. Click to enlarge more Blake Lively photos below ...

Blake Lively Swimsuit Photo
Blake Lively Swimsuit Pic
Blake Lively Swimsuit Picture
Long, Lean Beauty

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Slut? Psh. Blake looks beautiful. I wish I looked like her.


These photographs look lovely, but i agree with the overall assessment that she is a slut. In her recent performances she exudes sensuality, like she is constantly thinking about sex. She always opens her mouth like she wants to suck on something. Even when she is kissing on TV, she does this disgusting pecking on the mouth of the guy. She is totally overexposed. Her breasts hang out of her outfits. There is nothing modest or classy about her. She is trying too hard to be a sex symbol and just comes off looking like a tramp. Leighton Meister (sp?) is truly classy and sophisticated by comparison. Blake looks like she has no standards and just wants to be wanted by everyone, like a desperate party girl. I am not impressed with her or her pictures. She's attracitve, but nothing extraordinary. Now she just looks cheap.


wtf just because she looks sexy does not mean she looks like a slut you dipshit! she is hot as heel she needs to show more though i agree with everyone else :P:P


Everage.....!!Nothing Special....


Whoever says she looks like a slut clearly doesn't know what a slut is. These are commercial modeling photos and she really wears the swimsuit well.


Blake looks beautiful, like always.
Love these pictures.


please! she looks NOTHING like the girls in maxim or playboy. her pictures look good so people should stop attacking them :p


She looks like she's trying hard to be on the cover of Maxim or some sexy mag, and she's failing miserably. Nice effort though. Over all though, Blake looks relatively nice.


She has an awesome body and should be wearing a bikini! That photograpgh sucks, he could have done much better because she has an amazing figure. Those of you who said she looks like a whore, shame on you! Haters to the left!


Oh My Goodness! Yuke! She looks like a whore! How effing digusting.


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