Chace Crawford Kisses Blonde on Gossip Girl Set

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Spotted: Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford filming a scene for an upcoming episode, and putting the moves on a pretty blonde female ...

Chace Crawford and ...

Who is Chace Crawford kissing in this scene? If you can't tell from the photo above, follow the jump - the answer may surprise you ...

Chace and Taylor

Oh yeah, it's Taylor Momsen, alright - in one of her many interesting hairstyles! Wow.

Little Jenny Humphrey! We didn't see that coming. Man, is there anyone who Nate doesn't hook up with this season? The guy has become a total male prostitute.

Not that we're complaining. Just saying. Thoughts?!

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I personally like Nate with Vanessa, I always thought that they had great chemistry together and were always fresh and fun around each other plus vanessa has really proven lately that she loves him and would do anything to protect him from getting hurt, even if that means giving him up. As for Nate and Jenny, they DID kiss at the Maskerade ball because Nate thought Jenny was Serena cause Jenny was wearing Serena's mask. As a couple I don't kiss that happening, they don't feel the right age in the show or outside the show. I always used to get this almost cousin/big bother-little sister vibe between them so seeing that is kind of weird. I think it's either just to make Catherine jealous or some kind of joke cause look, you can see that even Chace (Nate) is just about busting up laughing.




YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too cute, love love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I think she's gorgeouse and extremely talented.
And her hair looks hot


I was afraid of this.
If you cant tell, i dont want them together.i mean, i love them seperately, but TOGETHER?!?!?!?
& I can't get over their real-life age difference.i know it shouldnt matter for the show,but really....
if it wasnt for their real-life age diff, i wouldnt oppose the relationship so much.


WHOA! i think they look great together AND PAAHLEAAZE, she's grown up. in the show they're only like 2 or 3 years apart! GEEZ. as for jenny's hair...well it looks pretty darn good. =D


OMGGG NOOOOOOOOO that's disgusting, worst couple ever!!!!! Nate is the biggest whore this season not that he wasnt always!!!! Him and Blair need to come to their senses and get back together or fight back wanting each other or something, they belong together!!!!!! JENNY(Taylor) LOOKS DIGUSTING IN THIS picture, HER NEW HAIR IS FOUL.. dont they have a fashion consultant on set? Ms. B


I kind of like the hair XD. But really Chace + Taylor =


I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of the haircut. It does nothing for her face. But she's still the same character and it shouldn't affect what you want for the future of her character. But as for Jenny and Nate, I'm psyked! They are the only two with chemistry in this show! Chace doesn't have any chemistry with Blake, Leighton or Jessica. Taylor and him are the only ones that click, so personally, I'm glad they're going somewhere. I also personally hope that it lasts and that if it does end, it ends on a good note. Just me!


it has to be jenny...the right hair length and hieght!


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