Dan Gheesling Speaks on Big Brother 10 Win

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Dan Gheesling, the 25-year-old Catholic school teacher from Michigan, has to be the nicest winner in Big Brother history. Below, Dan talks a bit about his landslide victory last night and his thoughts on this season ...

Q: What did you think of the unanimous vote in your favor? Who did you think was the least likely to vote for you on the jury?

Dan Gheesling: Man I was hoping to get four votes … maybe. But 7-0, wow, what a phenomenal feeling. I thought Keesha and Renny were solid but the others were up in the air. I thought Jerry and Libra would vote for Memphis and April, Ollie and Michelle would decide the game. I think this is a first in Big Brother history. (Editor’s note: He’s right. It is. Even the Big Brother master, Dr. Will, had two votes against him in season 2.)

Q: There was speculation in the house that you were America’s player. Did that last for long?

Big Brother: Dan Gheesling

Dan Gheesling: I had to fight that off every second thanks to one woman: Libra. She started the America’s Player conspiracy. It went on constantly. I always had to battle it.

Q: Let’s talk about Jerry’s Judas comment. Were you hurt by that or more hurt by the implication that Jessie Godderz, of all people, was representing Jesus in that scenario?

Dan Gheesling: Neither was offensive. It was like water running off my back. I never let it pull me in. I knew what they were trying to do, but it was not worth getting into personal fight over religion. I was focused on the game.

Q: It’s all over now Dan, so you can say it. Who was really a vile person in the house?

Dan Gheesling: You’re trying to get me in trouble here! How about we say who was the most un-clean? The person with the least amount of personal hygiene was Jerry, but we still loved him. At 75 he doesn’t need to wash his hands anymore.

Q: We saw your girlfriend Monica hug you at the end. Did she think you acted like a good boy?

Dan Gheesling: Monica was pretty supportive but I had some questions to answer. One had to do with my sharing a place to sleep with Keesha. I assured Monica that I built a wall of pillows between us and put a picture of Monica on top of the pillow wall. I told Monica it was for game play. Any girl would hate to see her boyfriend in bed with a girl as beautiful and charming and nice as Keesha, but we were just friends.

Q: Was it just us or were you always yelling to the camera in the diary room? Are you just a loud talker?

Dan Gheesling: I tried to be very inconspicuous, very calm, in the house. I’m very calm as a teacher. But after school as a coach I like to get fired up. So in the diary room I’d like to coach up America. That was my chance. I took it and ran with it.

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Loved season 10. Best one yet.A nice guy won and most people kept their clothes on. Dan is my favorite player ever. and Renny was so funny. With BB was on in the winter. It is my favorite show ever. CONGRATS!!!DAN!!!