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Dan Humphrey wants to experience what the world of Chuck Bass is like. Blair Waldorf, meanwhile, learns that her "world" may actually be Serena van der Woodsen's.

These two story lines take center stage in tonight's all-new episode of Gossip Girl, "The Serena Also Rises." This is the fifth episode of Season Two.

What do you think - or hope - will happen with your favorite character(s)?

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After the show, we'll post our episode recap, along with the best quotes, pictures and videos, a music guide and our staff's Round Table discussion!

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i cant believe serenas so mean!
i want blair bak on top and more bair and and chuck!


TO LOLITA: okay i soooo disagree with you. blair has worked for everything that she has because she studies HEAPS to try to get into yale, she takes ALL AP classes which are bloody hard and does a whole stack of charity events, eg the ball which she helped organise, the party in the first ep which was for animal conservation, etc. when she had nate she had to really work to keep him and tried a lot of new ways to keep the relationship going and keep her trust in him. she had to work really hard to keep her group of friends, for example when she was fighting with jenny and in the last episode. so you can obviously see the blair works. compared to serena, she just steals nate because of her sexuality, randomly get selected into things she doesn't deserve like accepted back to her school after she left boarding school. did she deserve to get back in? hell no. she doesn't study hard and when blair is bitchy it is at least for a reason whereas serena just purposlessly hurts people, like when she tries to steal yale from blair.


i dont want serena to be a bitch, it doesnt work for her character.
but im so surprised at how people are hating on serena now for a little bitchiness and still love blair who is queen bitch..


At first, I was rooting for Serena. But, at the end when jenny made that statement about how blair works so hard and serena glides right through, i rooted for blair. That was completly rude what serena said to Blair at the end of the episode.


I actually think that tonight's episode is the best of the new season. Reminded me why I love GG. Blair deserved everything she got. Why so insecure? A good friend wont be mad just because her friend is getting attention. Please tell me how hard Blair worked to get to where she is. Please? Her mom is a designer and she connives her way through. Serena is actually nice and doesn't have to be so wicked as Blair to get what she wants. Why should she then feel sorry for who she is? Little J wants to be recognized in the fashion industry so it's no surprise that she'll say such words to Blair because she wants to be close to B's mom. I love Dan and Jenny. They provide balance on the show and what's not to love about Dan's sarcasm? Oh, I love Chuck Bass, he does evil so well.


Serena's dress is fugly.


Sammie D
Get a life!!! this is a free country!!! i can make that type of comments if i want!!! you asshole!!! if is making you loose your time this is simple you just close the window or better yet stop reading what i wrote!!! don't you think??! stronzzo!! i'm like the number 1 fan of this show!! but is loosing the plot!! is like everything has to be around Serena... what about Blair... she's spoiled but she has been a really good friend for S she has covered her every time she could... and this is how miss van der woodsen pays her??!! she was really rude to Blair... suddenly i have to live Serena for showing me how to be bitchy!! i'm sorry Sammie D... but get a life!!! And for the record i don't live under a regime where someone would kill me if i give my opinion!!! Pace e amore per tutti!!!! Attendo con moltisima ansia il prossimo episodio!!!


Really?! No GG next week? WHY?!!!
I can't live w/o gg it's the only
thing that helps me get over
homesickness. :(


why isnt it on next week :O
i cant wait 2 weeks! :|


Sophia--the preview for the episode in two weeks (I know, CRY) showed Blair showing up at some sort of event for/at Yale. This is, of course, Blair's lifelong dream and a very important event for her. Serena also shows up and is super bitchy (as per usual, of late). There is a confrontation between the two of them until Blair (while wearing a super cute headband) throws something at Serena's head, and Serena turns around slowly, like the devil, and rasps "You did not just do that." I think Chuck was somewhere in the preview too, but I can't remember.


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