Dueling Gossip Girl Magazine Covers: Which is Hotter?

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Blake Lively and Penn Badgley. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick. Both of the incredibly good-looking Gossip Girl couples both rock the cover Entertainment Weekly in alternate editions this week. Amazing PR for our favorite show.

Click to enlarge for bigger versions, then tell us ...

Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick EW Cover
Blake Lively, Penn Badgley EW Cover

Which Gossip Girl cover is hottest?

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I love both of pictures and I would love picture of Nate/Vanessa also.. But if I have to chose, I'll vote Chuck/Blair.. They're smiling, for a change and I like it. But even if they aren't be smiling (and have their evil's faces) I would vote for them.. I really love their connect :)


You know what would be SUPER hot? A Leighton/Penn cover. Just saying.


yeah.. i agree that in tv, blair and chuck looks hotter. in that pic, it's serena and dan.. though, i still voted for chair.. :D i ADORE them!


everyones right the dan and blake cover is way hotter but i still love chuck . he looks like a nice person on the cover . i hate the one with jessica and nate . nate looks hot but jessica eww !!


It might've been better if ed and leighton had the serious looks and penn and blake were more serious, but all the actors are saying we'll be seeing a new side of the characters so maybe the covers are showing the new side. L&E still look cute


ok i've seen the Nate and Vanessa one....i think its underrated. i find Nate & Vanessa's one the best...though my all-time faves are Chuck and Blair...i so sgree with Celine


do u guys have the Nate and Vanessa pic? and i love these two pics...really hot


i think the girls are starting to embrace a more sophisticated and demure look. the boys are just so damn hotttttt. it's insane how gorgeous everybody is.


i am a fan of CHair, through and through so it comes as a no surprise if i choose their cover. it's nice having them look carefree instead of the usual "i'm up to something" look.


saw the cover of Nate and Vanessa. SOOOOO cute. i was tempted to buy it but decided not too. lol. me & my friend couldn`t help but stare at it.


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