Gossip Girl Caption Contest 18

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Welcome to Gossip Girl Insider and the 18th edition of the Gossip Girl Caption Contest.

This week's winning entry was sent in by Westchester. Congratulations. Funny stuff.

The winning reply is below the pic. Thanks for playing and good luck again this week!

The Clique

Amanda: Blair and Serena, how come you two aren't having lunch?
Blair: Well, Serena doesnt know how to eat with chopsticks, she's blonde...
Serena: Well, Blair isn't eating because she has eating disorder.

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Yay I won!


Blair:Amanda....If your going to hang with us your going have to ditch Humphrey and your Hannah Montana Hair
Amanda:So are you saying i should cut it
Blair:Ahh yea
Serena:Amanda....How do you feel about Nair


Amanda- so what are we doing tonight?
blair- well we going to get faicials
amanda(thinking)- well then i guess i can go out with dan afterall!
Blair- you should come too
Amanda- well, i kinda had this date
blair- if you want to be a part of this world amanda...


Amanda: "I don't understand why you guys have to be such bitches all the time, I mean I am richer, smarter and prettier than all of you but you don't see me being a bitch. Oh, and headbands are so last season."


Blair: Amanda you better back off my woman or I'm going burn you. Serena: Um B... Rest of the girls: MMMM HMMMM!! Penny: No one messes with Serena and I've seen you eying her. Do it again and Blair will mess you up Blair: (gives Amanda a death glare) Amanda: (she just gives Blair a Blank stare)

Lonely boy

There's something fishy going on, and it's not just the sushi..


Amanda: Im going to need to get a fork, I cant eat with these things
Penelope and Is: Gasp
Blair: Um Amanda can I have a word? First now white shirt...that I can deal with. Then no headband..Im getting a little angrier. Now you cant eat with chopsticks. If you dont leave right now, im going to have to destroy you.
Serena: Ummm B. I cant eat with these either.
Blairs: *stares*...Give me back that friendship bracelet.
Serena: But...
Blair: Yes...Now.


Amanda: Girls i don't know why you don't like Taylor Momsen's new hair cut! I think it is very fashionable.
*everyone stares at her thinking she is crazy*


Amanda: theres something in your teeth... its pretty nasty....
Penelope: what??? but they guy said it was like teeth resistant or something...
Blair: what are you talking about there is no such thing as teeth resistant
Serena: Its sad that you guys are so dumb i miss Dan


Blair: Everyone who is not leaving a headband, please sit a step lower or leave.

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