Gossip Girl Mole Describes Nate-Jenny Kiss

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Wondering just what the heck is going on with those scandalous Nate and Jenny pictures we found and posted for you last week? So are we.

Enter Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly ...

Q: Got any good Gossip Girl scoop? I'm not a fan of those Nate-Jenny pictures.

A: Luckily, one of my moles happened to be right at the scene of the Nate-Jenny (Chace Crawford-Taylor Momsen) smoochfest in downtown Manhattan over the weekend, and she filed this exclusive, eyewitness report:

Chace Crawford and ...

"I’m not entirely sure how the scene fits into the episode, but Jenny was storming out of a club with Nate chasing behind. It was hard to hear what they were saying (bunch of damn mumblers), but Jenny was uber-pissed at Nate, Nate tried to reassure her, Jenny kissed him once and turned to run away, and then he grabbed her arm, turned her around, and the making out commenced. That was about it."


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what is this episode called


i know im very late lols but OMG i must have missed this episode ! & i saw it on youtube . i LOVEEEE NATE & JENNY ! but in season 3 he just likes Serena that hoe (She kissed like everyone) ! he needs too be with Jenny !!!


here that n `not love Nate? Because I find it downright sexy. Vanessa is a real bitch because she don `t say to Jenny that she went with him. Vanessa is a real bitch because she don `t say to Jenny that she went with him. Don `t matter if its Jenny who started it would have told him, It is her friend!


where is the probleme,is not because Nate a traitor Vanessa because personally i hate vannessa has such a point that she does not deserve
to be left with nate. Sorry from the fans of Vannessa bot is not my probleme is my choice


Yes, Vanessa is a girlfriend of Nate bot Nate and Jenny is a very cute couple and is very funny because Nate is really Old to compare it. Bot im like very much Jenny and Nate to compare to Vanessa and Nate!!!


Nate and Jenny


ur all suck VANESSA'S fan
I think it is cute that NATE and JENNY go out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They both are my favorite characters in xoxogossipgirl
Jenny is only 17 BUT she is a designer
FUCK YOU ALL VANESSA fan or all of you who didn't like to see NATE and JENNY go out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I sooo want them to go out.
Why? I dont know.
So I guess this episode hasn't aired yet?
I reallyy hope not.


i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it
hope u 2 will never break up

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