Gossip Girl Spoilers: Serena and Dan

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We just talked about Serena's new love interest, Aaron Rose. Now, from the looks of this upcoming Gossip Girl clip, it appears that Mr. Rose may soon get his big chance to move in on Dan Humphrey's girl. Check it out ...


What do you think: Is this the end for Dan and Serena - and would you be happy it if is? Or is it just another bump in the road?

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Dan and Serena belong together. They are made for eachother and they are the only reason why I watch Gossip Girl !


I don't understand why so many people want Serena to be with Nate....what do you see there? Yes, they're both beautiful and wealthy...but that means nothing. I see no chemistry between them. An everyne says Oh, Dan and Serena are so boring...Nate would be better for her." Who's to say Nate with her won't be as boring? I think that's 10x the boring...I feel like they're more expected. Rich girl being with a rich guy, they'll get married, have rich children, blah blah blah. Dan is everything that doesn't necessarily belong in "Serena's Wolrd"...which is why they work and mesh so well together. Penn and Blake's chemistry radiates off the screen. I really honestly see nothing between her and Chace. Dan/Serena forever. Endgame. They must. I choose them a million times over Nate and Serena or Rufus and Lilly.


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Dan and serena are made for each other, it's so heartbreaking that they've ended their beautful realtionship. They were the couple against all odds and they made it. Why end such a beautiful thing? They will get back together I hope and think, seeing them apart is so bittersweet knowing that they love one another.
Get back together sometimes soon!


Dan and serena belong together for sure...you can tell that they still love eachother and in the end they will be together.


i really do hope they get back together, they have been the best couple on the show and i just h8 when another person gets in the way of what was such a good relationship... dont ya guys think?


i really love Dan and Serena together!! HUHUH!!
i want them back together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i REFUSE to watch the video after reading all the comments. i want dan and serena together and stay together for eternity. them not being together is just cruel. i bet anything that the producers will lose profit if the two dont end up together... Dan and Serena forever! wohoo!!!


I love serena and dan together!! but from the looks of what josh shwartz said, it doesnt look like theyll be getting back together anytime soon :(


Hopefully they will get back together. I they're perfect couple! If they will broke up for good, and won't never get back together I will stop watching this serie ;( Greetings from Finland.

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