Kelly's Baby Daddy: To Be Revealed!

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Based on the way Kelly and other characters say the word "he," as opposed to the name of her son's father, one of two conclusions can be drawn:

  1. The dad is Lord Voldemort;
  2. The producers haven't yet decided who the father is.

However, according to 90210 executive producer Gabe Sachs, neither of the above possibilities is correct. He claims he and fellow show runner Jeff Judah "decided who the dad was a long time ago." Sachs says the burning question will be answered within the next handful of episodes.

Guess we'll have to tune in and find out!

Mother and Son

Who do you think is Sammy's father?

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of course the looks of sammy makes us think of steve... but with janet and their children, he changed and became responsible... and the way BH ended makes me feel that steve has grown to much to sleep with someone else than janet. It would just be wrong to change all that, that was a great ending for steve character...
So that leaves us to Brandon and Dylan... I wished it was Brandon, but I doubt he would ever left his child behind like that, even if he wasn't involved with kelly. The more likely to act this way is Dylan, reproducing his father's mistakes.


I agree, I think its Steve Saunders, the little boy looks just like him!


all i can say is, if it isn't brandon, dylan or steve, i'm done with the new 90210.




Bahaha, that comment about Voldie is funny ^_^ I can't draw any speculations on who the father is because I've never seen the old episodes. But, I'm interested!


I have to agree I think the father is Steve... Dylan I don't think would have stayed away either... Steve got married to Janet and had a child with her which in my eyes would give him a very good reason NOT to stick around... I think Brandon is just too obvious and besides Kelly mention that her and Sammy's father had a lot of History in HS... Brandon and her had more relationship history in college and beyond rather than HS.... UGG it's a good cliffhanger and I thought mommy dearest was gonna spill the beans this week but NOPE>>> honestly it's the only reason I'm watching.. I think the new 90210 is wonderful so far but I'm more of the old school 90210 and not interested in the younger group.. was kinda interesting to see Andrea's daughter show up in the pilot huh.... Guess I'll be watching..


WHO'S YOUR DADDY?!?!?!?! I love how the writers/producers are leaving the old characters' story lines so open for anything to happen – seriously this is killing us old school 90210 fans!!! Clearly, none of the actors that played Kelly's lovers - Brandon, Dylan or Steve - have given the show the guaranteed green light to write their old character in yet. Hence…. no reference to Brenda as "Aunt Brenda". I think once the show secures the actor…..that will determine who the baby's daddy is. I hope for the sake of Kelly's child that the father is Brandon, but I doubt that will happen. From the way Kelly describes her BD - "baby daddy" in the 3rd episode - I get the feeling that the BD is Dylan – she says her and the BD had a thing back in high school and hooked up 4 years ago. Well to me, that description excludes Brandon Walsh. I say that for 2 reasons: 1 - Brandon would never settle for being just Kelly’s BD. They were much more than a high school thing – they continued on with their relationship way past those days/years in the halls of WBHH and they were almost married! Brandon would have made Kelly his wife and been a father to Sammy – I don’t think Brandon and Kelly would have just hooked up one night and called it quits. Unless, that’s the twist - Given the “brotherly sisterly love� for one another (which was the reason they didn’t get married) Kelly didn’t know how to tell Brandon she was expecting or even that she birthed his son because she had thought of him as a brother more than a life partner.
The 2nd reason I think Brandon Walsh is excluded is the way Jackie, Kelly’s mom, talked about Kelly’s BD – the disgust in her voice/tone towards the BD didn’t seem appropriate for Brandon. If anything, I think Jackie would have those ill feelings for Dylan the loner, the playboy, the rebel. In my opinion, Dylan and Steve are not model citizens and they are not the kind of guys you want to raise kids with - but that might be just it....after the hook up 4 years ago - Kelly never told the Dylan/Steve that she was preggers and they were Sammy's dad, because she knew that they were lame back then and are probably the same lames today. Brandon Walsh is the perfect fit for husband and father to Kelly and Sammy. However, little Sammy’s golden locks do make him look like he could belong to Steve
Sanders though! OMG!!! Too many speculations! I guess we just have to stay tuned to see how the story unfolds! I am totally addicted to the new 90210 now!! Thanks for bringing it back!


Steve sanders, she siad it was someone she had history with in HIGH SCHOOL that moved away and came back for a visit and they had a one night thing. maybe steve and janet broke up and fell into bed with kelly, the kid does have curly blonde hair! if not steve brandon or dylan, they are the only choices.

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