Kelly's Baby's Daddy: To Be Revealed!

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For those who somehow were not planning on tuning in to tomorrow night's 90210 episode, follow this advice:

Change your mind!

90210 producer Gabe Sachs has said the identity of Kelly's baby's daddy will be revealed tomorrow night. His name will be dropped as Brenda and Kelly are having a serious conversation about his responsibilities.

In another twist, Saches added that there’s a “possibility” the baby’s father could appear on a future episode.

Kelly vs. Brenda

While the populay theory on our 90210 forum is that Dylan is the father, consider these facts:

  • The baby has curly blonde hair;
  • His name is Sam;
  • Steve Sanders' mom's name? Samantha.

Our money would still be on Dylan as the father - after all, Steve was last seen with a child of his own and a happy marriage to Janet - but the facts above have to make Kelly's first boyfriend at West Beverly an option, right?

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I saw that clip, why would they give it away in the promo though? That's just STUPID.


I am thinking it might be Steve. I don't see Dylan running out on his kid the way his dad ran out on him, Brandon is just too good of a guy to do that, where as Steve is married, maybe him a Janet were going thru a rough patch, he sleeps with Kelly, him and Janet get back together and he doesn't want to mess things up...anyone else?


dylan!!!!!! pleaseee


If you want to know who the Daddy is, it's who I was rooting for...and here you go:


Truthfully I have always FEARED it would be Dylan's. Just because I am a Brenda/Dylan fan and its just my luck. BUTTTTT Dylan being the dad doesnt really make good TV and its very predictable. I mean STEVE HELLO that's crazy and all together extremely possible. ANNNNND I like it lol. Even better would be Brandon, its just something we wouldnt think he would do. NICEEEE Even though I still have my depressing bets on would be WAYYYY cooler if it werent.


I agree that Sammy’s dad could also be Steve because of the 3 reasons listed above... 1) The baby has curly blonde hair. 2) His name is Sam. 3) Steve Sanders' mom's name? Samantha...I agree that Steve could be the Baby’s Daddy. However, given that Ian (“Steve�) Z. has said that he would never return to his old zip code (per People Magazine), I am skeptical in saying with 100% accuracy that Sammy's dad is Steve. But, he could be pulling our leg because the story line is perfect…when we last saw Steve, he was married with a child….the hook up that happened 4 years ago could have caused a rift in Steve’s happy family life and Kelly didn’t want to be a home wrecker – so she went on her way and didn’t bother Steve with the knowledge of Sammy. Bringing us back to current day…..anything could have happened to Steve’s family…wife and kid killed in accident, wife could have left Steve after learning of his one night fling/love child and could possibly have gotten a divorce. Aw, who am I kidding the story line is perfect for any of them: Steve, Brandon or Dylan! Oh, I don’t know what I believe and that’s exactly what the producers/writers want – they want us hanging on by a thread – Job Well Done! Whatever happened, Steve, Brandon or Dylan is now ready to be father to Sammy and the Baby’s Daddy will be revealed TOMORROW!!!!! I cannot wait! Seriously, this has been the longest week in TV – the new 90210 is definitely keeping my interests peeked! I am so addicted now!


I was just getting ready to rant that Sammy HAS to be Dylans baby...however the more I think about it the more I am begining to think it's Brandon.
Why would it be a shocker if Sammy's dad is Dylan, we all expect that type of behavior from him. However, it would be shocking if Jim and Cindy's boy did something like that! I think the writers will want to shock us and by naming Brandon as the "Baby Daddy" it would shake us up!

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