More Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Spoilers (Sort of)

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Rumors and speculation surrounding the September 25 Season Five premiere of Grey's Anatomy have reached new heights. Now Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly is about to make things even worse for us ...

Q: Can you tell me if Derek gets hurt in the Grey's Anatomy season premiere?

A: Judging by that infamous promo, ABC certainly wants you to think that, right? Well, allow me to clear things up for you - by way of a multiple-choice quiz! I can confirm that two of the following take place in the season premiere - one for real and the other in Meredith's imagination (the other two are outright foilers):

  1. Rose stabs Derek.
  2. Derek suffers a heart attack and is visited by the ghost of Denny.
  3. Dr. Burke returns to Seattle Grace and shoots Derek in the face before turning the gun on himself.
  4. In a flashback, we learn that Derek got into a car accident shortly after leaving Meredith in the candle field.

Think you've got it figured out? Well, scroll down to the comments section and answer the following questions: Which incident occurs for real? Which one does Mer imagine? And which two are thrown in just for kicks?

Q: Please tell me Cristina Yang's new love interest on Grey's Anatomy (a.k.a. Kevin McKidd) is here to stay!

A: His first episode hasn't even aired yet - how do you know the two of them are any good together? Have you seen a rough cut of the premiere or something? If so, how 'bout you burn me a copy on the DL? In return, I'll share with you some good news: Although McKidd's status is technically still recurring, I'll be shocked if he isn't made a full-time regular by the end of the season. Shonda Rhimes is apparently doing cartwheels over his work thus far. Literally doing cartwheels. My Grey's Anatomy mole saw her doing one in the parking lot last Thursday.

Q: Anything else on Grey's Anatomy?

A: Don't be surprised if the season premiere leaves you a little, um, Lost. No, the Chief isn't going to turn the donkey wheel in the basement and make Seattle Grace disappear. Rather, a flash forwardish sequence will show us what two characters might be up to several years in the future.

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