Nastia Liukin to Appear on Gossip Girl

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Nastia Liukin, the Olympic all-around gymnastics gold medalist, is seizing the moment. In addition to many lucrative endorsement deals and business opportunities, she's even lined up a cameo on Gossip Girl this season!

No word on whether Nastia Liukin will be playing herself or acting in some capacity, but this awesome athlete will certainly fit in with the gorgeous cast of Gossip Girl, which has become TV's hottest drama. She rocks.

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Does anyone knows when she is to appear on the show??? Will she be Blake Lively little sis??? ...they sure look like!!!! I need more infoooo!!!!!!


she has a sweet look. she'll fit right in.she's very beautiful and kinda of different


well at least she looks normal. didn't watch the gymnastics part of the olympics but i'm excited! wonder who she'll play?


though i love Shawn Johnson more,
i already can't wait to see her in one of the upcoming GG eps :D :D :D


OMG i love nastia and gossip girl. i am soo excited she will be on gossip girl!!!!!!


OMGOMGOMGOMG i totally put that story up first!! if you check the forum it was all me that announced she was going to be on gossip girl! i think i should get some credit!!! but anyways i love nastia and i love gossip girl... so this should be amazing!


I LUV Nastia Luken im sooooooo x-ited dos any1 know wich ep shes gunna b on


It's funny, the whole time we were watching the Olympics, we kept saying Nastia Liukin looked like the only "normal" girl. As in she was the only girl who wasn't too muscular. I think this is an awesome guest star for Gossip Girl to have chosen!!


She is my favorite Gymnast of all time. I'm so glad she will be making a appearence. She did a interview with the olympic people and they asked her what her favorite t.v. show was and she was like its definately Gossip Girl.


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