Patrick Dempsey Makes Anything Look Good

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Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey takes the trash out at his house in Los Angeles. If anyone can actually make this look sexy, it's our man McDreamy ...

Taking Out the Trash

Patrick Dempsey: A hunk on and off the Grey's Anatomy set.

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Is that a Porche ball cap? Very nice.


Looking good!!!!!!


He's pretty... But yah. What is with all the pictures of him minding his own buisness?


Okay, I love Dempsey as much as the next person. But, you guys need to give him and the fans a break. Who in their right mind sits and waits for someone to bring out the trash. This photo was UNNECESSARY.
I'm a fan,but I DON'T NEED to SEE EVERY LITTLE THING the ACTORS do in their daily lives.
I find this photo very intrusive into his life. Personaly I feel you have crossed the line here.
You guys really need to back up off him.


i agree with you guys leave him alone.. ik hes major hott and all but seriously would you want cameras in your face 24/7?
i still love you patrick:]


he is so HOT even though he is by a garbage can! lol! can't wait for the next season!
god bless him and the show!
love always Syd


Hawt pic! But yeah, poor guy. Im sure the paps would have gone through his rubbish too :/


I have to agree, that is too close to home for comfort. Can't he do anything without someone lurking with a camera!!??


he's so pretty. :]
and i agree with gin810 i feel bad for him =[


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