Taylor Momsen Makes a Fashion Statement

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Yesterday we saw a picture of Blake Lively at the New Yorkers For Children 9th Annual Fall Gala. Today, it's Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen arriving at the event in some ... very interesting attire. What do you think of her outfit?

A Taylor Made Star

This eye-catching Taylor Momsen fashion statement is ...

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i like it. it shows that she`s maturing but not to fast.


I like the dress! She tends to wear really short, tight dresses and this is a nice change. I like it. And she's definitely styled the hair better! So I have to give this an 8. All she has to do now is loose the thick eyeliner.


The dress is cute, but is falling off her. her hair looks a little bit better


the dress is cute and she would look a lot better overall if her hair wasn't so ugly.


i wouldnt say this dress is really a fashion statement, its hardly JSP's it green thing at the sex and the city awards is it? but anyway this dress is very cool, its really nice :)


I think the dress is awesome, in fact, her new look is awesome!


I figure the dress is cute and the accessories are not, but isn't the bigger point that her hair is back to a somewhat normal state? I'm certainly thrilled about that. Or is it the same haircut, just styled differently?

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