The 90210 Caption Contest

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Thank you to everyone that submitted an entry to this week's 90210 Caption Contest.

It was a pretty good beginning to the game, though we'd love to see more responses next time.

Congratulations to "leggo my eggold." This user was chosen as this week's winner. Read the caption below the photo now and scroll down to check out the other possibilities.

Thanks again to all entrants and remember to play again next time!

"... and I call this one 'The Ballad of Andrea Zuckermann'

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Ryan: Did anyone ever tell you that you have fiery eyes?
Brenda: Listen, I have already played the Triangle of Love with your lady Kelly so sorry not interested...


Ryan: You can play your guitar as long as you want and it won't get sore.
Brenda: Wish I could say the same for Kelly!


Ryan: So you know sammy's dad?
Brenda: Yep sure do, I F'ed with him first.


Brenda: Well, Ryan... Teacher, social worker for juvies, snitch, musician... Is there ANYTHING you can't do?


Ryan: But Donna broke the rule, she shouldn't have been allowed to grad-
Brenda: Can we not talk about this?


Ryan: So, how do you like my singing?
Brenda: Don't quit your day job.
Ryan: 90210-snap.


Brenda: Woh woh, I appreciate the offer Mr. Matthews, but Kelly and I have shared enough men.


"... and I call this one 'The Ballad of Andrea Zuckermann'"


Brenda: Please, not "Losing My Religion." That song makes me sad.

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.