90210 Casting for a Bad Boy

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90210 can't get convince Luke Perry to appear on the show and reprise his role as Dylan McKay. So, what's a show to do?

Create a character that fits his description and then name him after his portrayer. Of course!

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Reportedly, 90210 producers are casting the role of Luke, an impulsive, sexy, charismatic, mysterious bad boy who differs from every other guy on the show in one significant area:

He's not a total pretty boy. No offense, Ethan.

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And hello Liam Court!


i really hope they dont go there and i hope that the writers are happy because if they knew that theres no chance at LUKE makeing a come back they could have made Brandon the father cause he already said he would come back and direct.


Adrianna is the fourth girl now since she has been added as a regular.


wait 4 girls? naomi, annie, silver.... who is the fourth?
cause i thought that she was just a guest star?


This officially makes the core group now 4 girls and 4 guys. Sorry Ryan Matthews, but you will never be a 90210 "KID" now...


They're casting for a DYLAN type character and they'll name him Luke.


I am confused... are they casting for a LUKE PERRY? Or are they casting for a Luke Perry TYPE for this new generation of 90210ers?



How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.