90210 Spoilers: Future of Brenda, Dixon and Silver

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There were many new developments (i.e. kisses!) on 90210 last night.

With all the couples pairing off on the show, it's easy to forget about a certain character from the original show. What will Brenda Walsh be up to in the near future? That's just one question Korbi from Zap2It answers below:

When's Shannen Doherty going to be back on 90210?
November sweeps, of course. So hang tight, we should see her again before the end of next month. Word is, Brenda and Kelly team up to help Adrianna through her recovery process. Seems A will make great progress just as Bren is given some seriously bad news.

How long before Dixon and Silver break up? 
I don't know anything about a break up, but I am hearing that we'll soon meet a girl by the name of Christina who may drive a bit of a wedge between Dixon and Silver.

First Base!

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Definately should be Brenda and Dylan. I never liked Kelly with Dylan. The baby should be Brandon's. They were a better couple. Give fans Brenda and Dylan - we deserve it!


Helllllooooo everyone, lets remember that this is a new show with new characters. It's not a continuance of the original. If they wanted to do that, they would have never went off the air. I love the new cast, especially Dixon! I like seeing the old characters from time to time, but the show is not based on them. I love the show!


I agree! Keep Brenda and Kelly or I boycott! I will NOT watch the show w/o them. Period. And I want Brenda to be pregnant with Dylan's baby! This is what most fans want to see -- Dylan and Brenda back together!


Bring all the original guys back even Andrea and Donna. They should bring Valerie back to cause some more drama in their lives or maybe try and take Ryan away from Brenda or even Kelly. Dylan needs to get back together with Brenda and get custody away from Kelly.


Put Brenda and Dylan back together!!!


I agree OMG.She was the only reason I wanted to even watch tihs show.I also hated the whole Dylan is Sammy's father incident.I absolutely hated Dylan with Kelly.I loved him with Brenda.


totally agree! she has this presence i lean into the TV when she is on the screen. She can play the baddie or goodie. She has exceptional versatility. She has a different beauty but i love her for her skills. STEP UP 90210 directors ! thank her for saying yes!


I hate what this Stupid show is doing to Brenda Walsh.Shannen Doherty is a great actress.You should be kissing her butt for agreeing to do more.

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.