A Video Preview for "Hollywood Forever"

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On the upcoming episode of 90210, there's a drug intervention, a private investigator and an attempt at online dating.

Check out the following preview for "Hollywood Forever" now and talk about developments on our 90210 forum:


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I thought her erasing Dylan was finally letting go of that part of her life. I could be wrong. She did end up leaving with Mr. Matthews and who knows what happened then!


I want more Brenda!!!!! Unless she runs off with Dylan, so hope when kelly gets to dylan's place she catches him in brenda's arms and he tell her that he's back with the true love of his life. Brenda & Dylan are what true love is all about. After every heartbreak he goes back to Brenda because their love is strong enough to survive all the hoe's in the world (ie Kelly). Just because Kelly got knocked up by Dylan (supposedly - considering how many guys that charactor has been "in love" with I wouldn't be suprised if she just lied about that to hang onto dylan. Kelly said it best in college whe she told brenda she would always be jealous of Brenda & Dylan's love in her words "when he looks back he'll always remember you as the one great love of his life!".....Go Brenda & Dylan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you think of the scene with brenda crying when she went to erase dylan's phone number? I think they definitely have a relationship...


It looks good! I am gonna miss Brenda & Kelly! I hope the show holds up. Thankfully I like most of the news ones. However, I love having the original/mature stars peppered throughout this version. Luckily, I know about the cemetary HOLLYWOOD FOREVER and I am glad it seems to revolve around SILVER!

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