Brea Grant Comments on Daphne, Heroes Experience

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So far for Brea Grant on Heroes, so good.

The actress, who stars as Daphne on the new season, told USA Today that she's loved playing the nemesis to Masi Oka's Hiro so far.

"It's been really fun to play out the comedy, in that he thinks he's a hero and she's not having it," said Grant.

Future Daphne

Daphne speeds ahead four years on tonight's Heroes episode.

As for what lies ahead for Grant?

"Daphne gets a little more serious, but she's still sort of spacey and funny," the actress said. "She definitely has to deal with a lot more drama. This is Heroes, after all."

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Daphne is alive! I'm so happy she is my favorite on Heroes and Her and Matty make a great couple.


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please tell me that she will not marry parkmen, i like her but please not parkman... i like him to, just not this relatonship lol


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