Claudia Jordan Joins Cast of Celebrity Apprentice

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At this point, Celebrity Apprentice really ought to change its name to D-List Celebrity Apprentice. Maybe even Q-List.

The latest supposed celeb to join Donald Trump's reality show is Claudia Jordan. Who is Claudia Jordan? Exactly, folks.

The model is best known for clutching briefcase number-one on Deal or No Deal. Prior to this stint, Jordan had the difficult task of pointing to items for sale on The Price Is Right.

Claudia Jordan Picture

Claudia Jordan joins a lame cast of Celebrity Apprentice, which includes Joan Rivers, Scott Hamilton, Dennis Rodman, Natalie Gulbis and Tom Green..

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I actually know her being from RI like she is. She's a pretty nice person. So if Donald Trump asks you to be on his show, what's ab etter way of getting some national exposure. Calm down people and leave her alone


i just saw an update about the show & they call her a professional suitcase holder! lol c'mon...surely they could have done some research to make her have some credibility. see how the media spins stuff? now would donald really pick someone that just held a suitcase????


she is that chick. you bedda ask somebody. hold it down ma. i think she should write a book. i betcha people would start acting nice then! ha....ha....ha ahhhh, cat got your tongue?


She loves attention and craves it. She is a model. That is not meant to be taken in a negative way. Models are good at what they do b/c they don't mind the attention and can bring that confidence. The show is perfect for her. The show gives her a bigger audience to do more stuff. She is funny. Um has a potty mouth! :( But it is funny. She has been grinding for a minute and it is paying off. Hard work pays off. She treats others the way she wants to be treated, which is why she often talks to people on her page. She is an open book and doesn't hide who she is. What is to hate on about that? I call that being real. I personally think she will add some charisma to the boring show.


It isn't about "work" accomplishments, what tv show she ends up on, what person she is dating. It is about who she is a person. I don't know her. But the people who are friends with her all say the same thing, she will give you her right arm. That says alot about a person. It means they aren't selfish. Claudia don't pay attention to these people. Elevate yourself above all of this. Do what makes you happy!


I been following CJs career for a long time. She is hardworker and has taken no shortcuts but for some reason she has some serious haters. I noticed the same couple of people posting the same types of messages on all the message boards about her under different names all the time. Clearly it's someone who is obsessed about her and wants to give her a bad rep. She is funny, sweet and smart and doesn't give a damn about these whack losers that really spend all day surfing the net to find anything on her to post something negative. Claudia I remember when you were living in Ohio going to college=we got your back out here in Cleveland girl! Keep doing you and know that you have way more supporters than haters. It's just that the haters try extra hard to make themselves seen and heard. Do you ma!


CJ is super whack... she is a known as a d-lister all over the world. Some things will never change... sit down!


wow... I don't like the word hater but that is all I'm reading lately, and that's a lot of hate... CJ is more then a pretty girl holding the number 1 case on deal or no deal... she doesn't need to run her resume down to you guys to impress you... all these a-listers were nobodies to you lames once upon a time so get over it... she'll get there... and you guys will still be bitter... so hate on haters...


all of this make me think of jill scott's song...hate on me. hate on me hater,
now or later
cause i am gonna do me
you'll be mad baby
go head & hate
go ahead hate on me, hate on
cause i am not afraid of it... bring light yall. if you can't say something nice just keep it to yourself. it is that simple.


everyone has to do something to get to the next level. so she is not a celebrity yet. she is trying to get there though. don't hate....