Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair and Serena

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Are Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf closer than regular friends? What is the deal with Aaron Rose? And where was Lily last night? Below are a couple of interesting Gossip Girl spoilers from E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos ...

Q: I might be reading into this a little bit, but is there anything at all going on between Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl, chemistry-wise? The two of them just seem much too touchy and flirty than best friends normally are ...

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A: You aren't the only one! We've received many emails regarding this rumor, and a reliable source who works on the show says, "That's insane. No, we're not planning anything like that." Is it really so insane, though? I'm pretty sure the Gossip Girl book series ended with Serena and Blair kissing each other on the lips and murmuring, "You know you love me." Gulp. Regardless, I'm told that Serena's brother Eric is the only one with any same-sex happenings in the works for a good long while. In the meantime, Blair and Serena will be getting some action in future episodes, courtesy of the Basshole and Serena's new love interest, artist Aaron Rose (John Patrick Amedori), respectively.

Q: I cannot get enough of Gossip Girl this year. Anything new?

A: I hear Lily van der Woodsen has a deep, dark secret that is already in the works for next year, and it is going to have major repercussions. Guesses?

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They are the most flirty, lovey, romantic same-sex friends I've ever seen displayed on tv. I don't think it's 'insane' at all to suppose there could be something more between them. It's a totally natural conclusion to make.
But whatever, they are super cute together even if they will always remain just (zomg!intense) bff's :) ps. It's funny (weird) that noone's really talking about this? Since it's pretty much the main topic of the post. o.O


My god, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively are so beautiful! Srsly, I've always considered myself heterosexual, but honestly, I'd totally go gay for S&B. :-P!


We think Lily's secret is that she's Jenny's birth mom. Even if it's not that, it's definitely SOMETHING involving Rufus.


Lily's already admitted to posing nude. It has to be something darker than that.


in the book there is a character named aaron and he is blairs brother/ step brother but i think it would be better for the rufus+lily=aaron thing cause then he couldnt get together with serens and then serena and dan could get totgether again :D
serena and dan forever!!!


i agree, with the rufus+lily=aaron theory. cos like when i first saw aaron i was like WTF rufus much?!? hmm but if she gave him up , it wouldve been to a ritzy family as well since they did attend the same summer camp :S then theres the age thing, aaron should be like 20.


if bart dies, a lilly/rufus luv child shows up & lilly/rufus get together for good then whoa shitake that would be a full house Dan ,Jenny ,Nate ,Serrena ,Eric ,Chuck ,Anonamous love child ,Lilly and Rufus under one roof thats like 9 people in one house...or one loft oh well nate/jenny and dan/serrena can bunk up together


I think lily had a fling with an underage kid...(just something different)...and he's coming back to blackmail her about to Serena and Eric.


THIS IS JUST STUPID, like you cant have a "close friend" without a damn lesbian wanting them to do something more. I dont have anything against gays i have a ton of gay friends.. but im just saying cant a hug and be close like real best friends do with another female without it getting on the perverted side. sheesh.


I dont know what the secret is but hope is nothing lame or just matbe the new kid arron might be there long lost child and also I would love to know what Bart found out about Lilly's past that she doesn't want her kids to know about

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