Gossip Girl Spoilers: Derena, Jenny and a Funeral Update

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Below are some Gossip Girl spoilers from E! Online.

In addition to Derena's future and Jenny's rebellion, the Gossip Girl spoiler Jessica Szohr first mentioned - the upcoming death on the show - is discussed, and it looks like we may have our winner (or, perhaps loser is more accurate) ...

Q: I'm hating Jenny on Gossip Girl. Will she ever go back to being tame?

A: Not by a long shot. Dropping out of school was only the beginning, and I'm hearing the words "hostile takeover" are in her future. It happens around episode nine and will make you feel like you did nothing at all when you were 15.

Q: Will Dan and Serena ever get back together?

A: Not anytime soon, but their parents might... Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Lily (Kelly Rutherford) will get closer, from what I hear.

Q: OMG! Is it true someone is dying on Gossip Girl?! Tell me everything!

A: My infallible Magic 8 Ball says: It's happening in November, and I can tell you that the character who dies is male and that he is a third wheel whose death just might clear the way for a long-awaited couple to get together.

Meanwhile, EW's Michael Ausiello claims it is one of these five: Vanessa, Bart, Nate, Rufus or Georgina. Hmm. If we now know it's a male character, we're really starting to narrow it down, aren't we? Tell us what you think!

Lily and Bart Bass

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OMG it is bart! i just finished watchin episode 12 and he got into and accident...i fell sooo bad for chuch. Now both of his parents are gone =( but maybie now he'll see how much blair is there for him so there could be sorta an uupside =S


It's obviously not: Nate, Blair, Serena, Chuck or Dan. Because there are pictures of them at the funeral. So it doesn't make sence that Nate would be going to Nate's funeral...
The person that seems most likely is Bart. But it could be anyone. It could be any of the parents, or Eric or Jenny or Vanessa..


Wow its Bart and obviously I feel bad for Chuck but I wanna know is it in The upcoming episode the Magnificent Archibalds or in the next one. I wanna know which epsiode.


I'm hoping its Bart. If it is any of the younger character NATE*Cough Cough* I will start a one girl riot in the street. Love Always,
Marta V.


I was thinking it might b bart....but that's to obvious......what if its chuck (gasp) he already lost blair....hopefully its not him, and if bart does die...I hope rufus and lily don't get together to SOON.
xoxo gossip guy


I was just thinking...what if the person that dies is CHUCK? coz he's not a main character in the books and maybe he's the one standing in the way of Blair & Nate's "relationship"..
Think about it, if it wasn't for Chuck, Blair would still be pining for Nate...this would be the ULTIMATE twist to the story....i hope its not true though argh id die if CHAIR ended! =[


Is it just me or is anyone else reminded of the whole Caleb and Julie scenario from the OC? I mean, Bart is the logical one to die, but come on Mr Schwartz, can't you be a little more creative with the plots here? Although it will be quality entertainment!


ITS PROB! BART it better not be Nate, Chuck, or Dan!!!!!


Okay, so let's say it is Bart. Would this not be a great opportunity for Blair to act human and be there for Chuck? Hence, it would give the two of them a window of opportunity to get together on equal terms for reasons other than lust. Nevertheless, if this were to happen, Blair would need to get in the scene with Chuck before someone like Vanessa does. And yes, I did pick up on the line when Chuck commented on getting less money if Bart dies.

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