Gossip Girl Spoilers: Nate and Jenny Update

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Michael Ausiello of EW has a potentially shocking Gossip Girl spoiler in his weekly column - one that would take the speculation over the Nate-Jenny relationship to another level entirely. If this is true, we can only imagine the repercussions ...

Q: More Gossip Girl scoop?

A: What do Nate and Jenny have in common with Michael Cera and Ellen Page's Juno characters? Nothing right now, but my Gossip Girl snitch says that's about to change. In other words, either Jenny is getting knocked up, or the two of them are going to perform a cover of the Moldy Peaches' "Anyone Else But You" over the end credits. 

The Nate-Jenny Kiss
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um wow its just a show nate (chace) didnt do anything wrong its called acting and if u dont like what he did then get lost.


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yooo noooo blair and nate love you no no


I love Jenny and Nate together, but I don't like this idea, Jenny can't be pregnant, it would destroy her innocent and childish image, even though a sweet love scene between Nate and Jenny would be nice, but guys.. use the condom!! xD


it cant be!!!there don´t be really cute together....xoxo


omfg! how exciting, i luv nate and jenny 2geva! i cant wait for this! i so hope its a true spoiler!, i mena if ya read the books u'll know they have sex so im hoping they stcik to the books!


i love nate and jenny´s couple ! really love it, they look very nice toguether and that scene was really romantic! i dont care about vanessa i just want them to be toguether


shut up EMMIE
vanessa is more like a BITCH
JENNY is a cute and sexy girl


i didnt like jenny she is kind of bitchy. ik someone who met the girl that played her and she said was a bitch, too.


ur stupid and crazy
u already know that vanessa is africa

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