Gossip Girl Spoilers: Nate and Jenny's Relationship

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Little J is certainly coming of age on Gossip Girl.

The photo below - which follows these spoilers and other photos of Nate and Jenny kissing - shows Jenny (Taylor Momsen), canoodling with Nate (Chace Crawford), which has a good number of Gossip Girl fans up in arms - or at least wondering:

What is the deal? Are they really getting together? Will it last?

Nate-Jenny Kiss

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According to
E! Online, the real story with Jenny and Nate is that they will "kiss a couple of times" and then... she gets pregnant. Either that, or the whole thing ends abruptly and they never become a real couple.

It's definitely the latter, BT-Dubs.

Still, there is much, much drama upcoming for stylista-in-the-making Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, and we hear that episode nine in particular is amazing, thanks to a twist for her character. What do you think that could be?

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Wel I really like nate and Jenny to be together




I want Nate to get wid jenny cos serena is rely annoying!


yay they r sooo cute 2gether cant wait 2 see wat happenz =]


i cant wait to see what happens there hasnt been a major scandal for a while on gossip girl


i think it's good.. 'coz i like them..
they really cute couple..
and age doesn't matter..


I think it would be interesting to see what would happen if jenny got pregnant and to see how chase reacts to being a baby daddy haha, i think that could be the juiciest thing to ever hit gossip girl.


who cares how old the are there both hot and hotter together


sorryy guys for or the nate and blair lovers
i perfer blair and chuck they ae so much interesting
and i also think nate and jenny are intresting cuzz of the age ..
i donno about dan and serena but they are boring but i love them together the should make vanessa get in the middle of it so it causes some drama


HA HA! You guys are funny! everyone is either against or for them getting together. Personally I really really love these two together, it's not the average predictable relationship it will be interesting to see work together as a couple so i hope it doesn't end abruptly cause then what was the point of hooking these two up to just ending it quick. As for her getting Pregnant.....well it would make a good story-line to her usual so-so one, for Nate too.
Oh and I hate N & V together, it's boring and predictable.

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