Gossip Girl Spoilers: Poor Nate

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Here's an interesting Gossip Girl spoiler from today's TV Guide spoiler Q&A - and it doesn't bode well for the troubled, brooding Nate Archibald:

Q: Have anything juicy on Gossip Girl?

A: Remember how Nate and his mother helped The Captain escape prosecution? Well, I'm hearing that Mr. Archibald (Sam Robards) will reward their loyalty by ... double-crossing them! Which is pretty crummy considering Nate Archibald almost became a man-whore to fix the family's money problems. Thanks, Dad!

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what u mean he 'almost' became a man-whore... i thought he did already? lol


Just turn the captin in. Nate deserves to be happy for once! hes kind of a downer most of the time.


The captian that is***


I think he may turn in his family for helping him in exchange for a lesser sentence.


Poor Nate. Can't wait to see that episode.


His father is something else. I know he loves his family but they don't love him. By the way isn't there a punishment for helping a criminal?


i've never liked nate as a character in gossip girl... inspite of his ultimate hotness, he has a lot of drama to function well... but chace seems to be nailing the role...


Wow, Nate's dad is a real bitch if this spoiler is true. I feel so bad for him. I just wish his life would be back to normal but I have a feeling the writers will drag this out for a few more episodes. I wish they'd end it because it's starting to get dull.

Chucks bear

double crossing them both? how? spoilers not enough... still..pook natey


OMG poor nate his dad is so mean nate did like ecerything he could to protect him

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