Heroes Round Table: Dying of the Light

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Welcome to our 16th Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the

Will HRG and Meredith make a good team?
Timex: Only if they go up against horny male villains who do nothing but drool over Meredith. The use of fire doesn't seem very effective against some of the bad asses we've met.

A. Hiro: I'm not a fan of Meredith's use this season. Previously, she was nothing more than a weak individual who used her ability to light a cigarette in her trailer. Now, she's proven enough to team up with my main man, HRG?!?

Milover: Maybe. But I'm just excited for when Claire finally partners with her father.

Are you scared of Arthur Petrelli?
Milover: Yes. Did you not see what the guy did to Peter, his own flesh and blood?!?

Timex: I'm scared of his power, sure. But that personality, so far, seems closer to a fun uncle.

A. Hiro: Not really. I'm all for dry wit and sarcasm, but this is the man gathering the world's most villain's individuals for a plot of worldwide domination? Give me some sneering!

Name Parkman's turtle.
A. Hiro: Molly.

Milover: Daphne Slowsky.

Timex: J.J.

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just wait and see, it won't be long that Ando will be taking off his shirt to show off his huge biceps and 6 packs.. Peter has already been showing off his gym trained body, finally good enough to take it all off with closed up shots


Was Adam underused?
Yes and under appreciated. Adam was my favorite character... period. He didnt have fire, ice, or lightning to subdue his opponents. He couldn’t stop time, read your mind, or throw you across the room. Adam defeated every advisory by using his head. NO ONE on the show seems to use their wits to overcome adversary, except HRG. This was a character who's story has been shadowed and skimmed over. Someone who has been alive for 400 years and has Adams mentality is a character who is full of life and stories... instead the main villain in season two was nothing more then a tiny stepping stone in season 3... soooooo disappointing. HRG & Meredith a good team?
IDK that really all depends on the extent of Meredith's ability... can she cover her whole body? Can she throw fire balls like Pyro or does the heat radiate from her like the chick from hellboy? Personally Id love to see Claire with HRG; but i still think the best partner is the Haitian. He's the only hero who can level the playing field and bring the powerful to and un powerful level, leaving them only the option to battle wits with Noah Bennet. Are you scared of Arthur?
Well who are the real villains? It wouldn’t surprise me if Arthur’s intentions are good in nature and not evil. For the past 3 seasons Angela has been a lying manipulative and conniving bitch, who from what I assume now, was behind Arthur’s “death�. Its not just black white and grey… theres so many different shades of grey and im not yet sold that Arthur is out to destroy the world. Does he scare me thou? Yes, Its not every day a man on his death bed can make a 400 year old immortal shake in his boots.


Was Adam Monroe underused?
Nope, he advance the plot of the show and helped introduce the main bad guy for the chapter. His death also shows that characters are expendable and can be killed out of no where. Nice move Adam. Will HRG and Meredith make a good team?
Let's see. Claire does not like HRG right now. There is tension between Claire's real mom and adoptive mom. Apparently HRG does not care about his man pieces! This will end badly. Are you scared of Arthur Petrelli?
Um, i was scared of him the first time i saw that head board on the bed. Only evil people that kill both strangers and family members have head boards like that. Be ware! Name Parkman's turtle.
"Robert Johnson" cause that turtle is going to take Matt to the crossroads where he may end up selling his soul to the Devil.

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