Izzie and Alex? Or Izzie and George?

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Love them or hate them, Alex and Izzie have generated a lot of buzz so far in Season Five.

The couple has been received positively by many Grey's Anatomy fans, but Izzie's previous romance with George attracted a considerable fan base itself.

So we decided to put it to an informal vote. Tell us which you prefer in the survey below ...

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Break Time
Doctor O'Malley

Which couple do you like best?

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I don


I'm Merder fan and I vote for Alex and Izzie. I think it's because grey's fans other than AI and GI fans voted for AI. And because of the scenes in this season, many people turned to like AI than GI. Alex became more likable person and their scenes and also Merder scenes are the reason I love to watch grey's.


I don't care about the poll results. Gizzie is the best couple, so let people spam all they want. I don't care. Gizzie is still the best and my favorite couple of all time.


Hmm the funniest thing is another site has a favorite couple of all time poll, and Gizzie is third behind Alex and Izzie, but with only 40 votes behind and less than 200 votes behind MerDer. I won't name the site because the haters would spam it too. And Gexie who has only 35% of vote in favour of them here has 63% on the official site. I love Gizzie but I don't expect them to ever be a couple and not even friends again. If they were going to be friends, we would see them missing each other and we haven't.


I agree. I am a Gizzie fan but if they got 90% of the vote on this poll, I would definitely be saying it was spammed. Even the Gizzie haters know Gizzie has more fans than this. A lot more. I am sorry but I find spamming kind of pathetic.


I do want to add one thing. George went through the whole LVAD wire thing with Izzie, he was in the room with her. He went through her grieving Denny with her. He was there when she cried over his last message. She helped him when his dad died. He helped her when Hannah came. I'd say they went through hell together, and Izzie not even caring for him as a friend now makes no sense. I also didn't vote. The moment I saw the results' I knew this poll was rigged and rigged polls I don't take seriously. If George and Izzie were winning 90% of the poll, I would think it was rigged too. Gizzie won a poll a month ago with 85% of the vote and I thought it was spammed by Gizzie fans. Both sides have huge fanbases so I never buy any poll with that big a difference.


Exactly I do wish the sites would stop doing polls like this because it always ends up being about who has more time to vote the most. I use to be one of this person. I use to spam and I would ask friends who didn't even watch the show to do it too. I know this happened in the famous spammed panel, some people asked their friends who didn't even watch Grey to sign up, gave them the right answers to get in and told them to bash Lexie and GI. I find it kind of sad really. It is a TV show and I wish both sites would respect each other. I stopped doing it months ago when I realized I wasn't being respectful of other people. I don't hate AI although I don't like them as a couple, but I do hate that the GI fans were not allowed to enjoy their couple one minute because of the haters' constant bashing and I do hate that they continue to spam polls and that hard. One AI fan has been posting in all Gizzie videos gloating about AI being together and GI being over, and I don't get that because they have everything on the show, why make us feel even more down? This poll is kind of unfair too. Gizzie is over on the show and Shonda has done her best to make people forget they ever existed, most Gizzie fans have given up because they are tired of being pounded into the ground by the haters, like another post said, and clearly the other side is spamming. Those aren't fun. Those to me are opening up the old wound of losing Gizzie all over again. And yeah I hope Shonda knows those mean nothing but I doubt it.


It is pretty obvious it is being spammed. Yes AI has a lot of fans but they have a whole lot of haters too. I don't believe the 90% love for them at all. I have known way too many people who hates this couple. I even know of people who don't like both couples who voted for GI in that one bhecause they hate AI so much. Plus Gizzie has still a whole huge fanbase that is active and vocal and on most polls, AI and GI are pretty much neck and neck, so 90% to 9%? Does anyone honestly berlieve this is not spammed? Especially since on most sites I go to, GI has as many or more fans than AI, sites like Fanforum, LJ, Tv-com, BuddyTV. I see this all the time. Some fanbases just vote fanatically. I just saw a poll with Nick and Sharon vs Nick and Phyllis on Young and Restless, both have huge fanbases, yet Nick and Phyllis got 87% of the vote. Another one with Jason and Liz where they got 95% of people wanting them together. That one was spammed because 5 people on one site, who are my friends, btw, voted 9 hours straight for them. Seriously those polls stop being fun when they are so easy to spam and you are on the other side of it. The spammers always end up going way too far. I guess this isn't smart because when the results are lkike that, people know it isn't legit. If it was 65 to 35%, the spammers would have been smarter, but 90% to 9%, noone will believe that. Well maybe Shonda will, she is stupid enough to and that is the whole reason why the haters spam so much against GI. Now you see why we hate those polls and can't relax? I am not saying all AI fans are spamming this but a few of them doing it all day is enough to have those results. I do want a poll on the friendship but I am scared it would be spammed too.


This was a GREAT episode.
I don't know much about spamming polls, but I definitely voted for Gizzie. I love Gizzie. And I believe they had bad timing and not bad chemistry. For all the Gizzie fans-- you may feel like Shonda and writers gave in to anti-Gizzie fan pressure, but I think Shonda really cared about Gizzie. Look at the tender break up. There was a LOT of love there. And I believe George-- it was their timing that stunk, not their chemistry. I think they'll be together someday. For the here and now-- OK, so Shonda and writers have Izzie with Alex. And George hanging out there. I think that George is totally absorbed with trying to catch up right now-- he's had no substantial interaction with anyone close to him lately. And, let's face it, George is not so thoughtless a guy as he's been with Lexie (who, by the way, is way off her rocker and needs to reel in the crush emotions before it's unbelievably humiliating for her!)... it's not his nature. I think things ended with Izzie romantically and that made things a wee bit awkward-- then add to that the fact that George started to repeat his internship year and the others moved on to being residents and now I think George is just frantically trying to change gears and catch up. He's got no time and energy for the other stuff right now. That's my take. But my take is also that Shonda and writers need to have George catch up real soon, and work on the Gizzie friendship (b/c there is NO WAY that they are not best friends anymore) and work on George interacting more with all he's close to (like Mer).
Also, I think Shonda and writers will have to address George finding out about Alex with Izzie and deal with a realistic reaction to that. So, that's my take. As for the poll? Well, I certainly hope it's not taken too strongly by my favorite writers from my favorite show.


If people are spamming this, that's pretty pathetic. I like both couples.


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