Kim Kardashian Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

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We were hoping Kim Kardashian would prove that sex tape stars can make good dancers, too.

Alas, the booty-shaking celebrity was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night, following a trio of stiff, unnatural performances. She was like a virgin out there.

Kim, Mark

To Kim's credit, she handled the news of her ousting with class. It took place on the fifth anniversary of her father's death and Kim said:

"I just know he's really happy and watching over me and I know he's really proud."

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She definitely needs to stick to her talents. What are those again? Oh yeah, sex, and putting on makeup. At least the old lady is less stiff! Kim made a fool of herself with that huge stiff butt. She can't shake for sh*t!!!!


Poor Kim! I really like her and I'm sad she's been booted from Dancing With the Stars. I was really rooting for her. I definitely didn't think she should go before Cloris!! Seriously? What is that lady thinking? I give her credit for giving it a try, but I wish she was gone and Kim had stayed. Where are the fans??