Matt Grant: Dating Sarah Robarts!

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Matt Grant, the reigning star of The Bachelor, has fallen in love again — this time for his British-born public relations representative, Sarah Robarts.

He says a business relationship with Sarah Robarts, 39, eventually evolved into an emotional bond: “It’s the best relationship I have ever been in. I’m completely in love. She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s one in a million.”

She's at least 10 times better than that annoying skank Shayne Lamas. And we don't even know Sarah Robarts! That tells you all you need to know about Shayne Lamas. In any case, we're happy Matt has moved on with her.

Sarah Robarts
Another Matt Grant Photo

Having ditched Shayne Lamas, Matt Grant is now in love with Sarah Robarts.

Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas split in July. He and Sarah Robarts soon started dating.

“We connected on every level,” he says. “If she were on The Bachelor, there would not have been a competition. It would’ve been the shortest season ever.”

Oh, snap, Shayne Lamas! You just got served by Matt Grant on that one. And this quote - about his and Robarts' 11-year age difference - isn't much better:

“Sarah is very much on my level. The only thing is I’ve had to raise my game up since The Bachelor. She’s too intelligent for the talk I used on the show.”

Wow. Matt Grant, you are officially our hero.

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Is there any real proof that Matt is now a father? If true, I'd think the media would know and report about it. And, is there any proof that Matt and Sarah are even still together? Rumors are rumors.


Rumor has it that Sarah, Matt's girlfriend is pregnant with his baby. Sarah is twice divorced, forty years old with two small children to raise. I can only see a very stormy future for the both of them. And does Matt have a job yet????


I have read a recent article that states Sarah is divorced. I'm happy she and Matt are together as long as they are happy. I know for a fact that Matt is a kind person. I wish him well.


What are Matt's chances of having a lasting relationship with Sarah?? She's been married twice, has two kids, and is twelve years older then Matt. Matt mature? Confesses he loves three women within six months, Chelsea, Shayne, Sarah. He dumps Chelsea, is engaged to Shayne, and then starts a relationship with Sarah while still with Shayne. Within four months after his engagement he moves in with Sarah I don't call that mature I call it DESPERATE.....


I watched the show and never thought the two were suited to eachother. I kinds thought of Shayne as a little spoiled or 'high maintenance PLUS drama'. If Matt has found a woman he can connect with then I think that's great! I thought he was quite the catch myself. I think Matt is far more mature than his age anyway so older woman or no I'm happy he found someone. Shayne will have drama no matter where she goes - the odds are against her given her family's background anyway - her parents didn't stay together so what are her chances of having a lasting relationship? Shayne will be a billionaires ex-wife someday - she'll do well for herself except when it comes to love. Good for Matt finding someone!


Bernice, I guess Matt's fans are just frustrated that he lied and cheated with a woman who is still married. And yes Sarah is still 16 years older then Shayne. I think Matt needs to dry out and get his head on straight.


Can none of you spell or do math? How can she possibly be old old enough to be his mother? Shayne is sweet but she just isn't his match. Get over it guys.


Sarah is still married??? Matt needs therapy. Shayne needs a medal for putting up with his crap!!


Is he still your hero, knowing that he is dating a woman who is old enough to be his mother and who is still married?


Shayne is young and gorgeous. I can hardly wait for her E Entertainment reality show . The only shanks I know of are the writers of this article.