"New Haven Can Wait" Sneak Peek

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Below is a clip the CW released for Monday night's all-new episode of Gossip Girl, "New Haven Can Wait." Blair Waldorf is dead set on getting into Yale - and keeping Serena out. Some of her comments are pretty harsh (funny, though). See below ...


We'll post more videos from "New Haven Can Wait" as we come across them. Be sure to check out our gallery of pictures from the episode, as well!

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Chucks bear

that is so unfair. how smart could Serena get to get her ass into Yale. Blair's right...charm only won't take Serena anywhere. knowledge is power. which S doesn't seem to have... hee hee


to luna, it was serena who triggered that bitchiness in blair not the other way around.i bet you'd feel the same way if you found out that your sweet seemingly perfect bestfriend slept with your bf behind your back?blair is evil but she NEVER did anything to hurt her friends unlike serena did.blair had always been there for her from her problems with her love life to georgina sparks.
and btw,its ridiculous how serena could get that spot in yale instead.
grades are no longer in these days when applying for the ivy's after all.just charm your way through!


No offense, but Nate is getting wayy too boring. The only stories about him are blablabla cheating on blablabla dating who and what THERES NO INTERESTING DRAMA! and now he has his eye on that bob head girl who has nothing to do with the true gossip girls!


I hate chuck, c try to ruin blair's life.
That motherchucker.
Blair must take a revenge!! Hook up with Dan to make Serena jealous. =D
well, if it's true, I LIKE THAT!


i was a huge CHAIR fan in the 1st season but now..i dunno.
im gradually feeling disappointed.chuck's overboard now.i dont think he loves blair at all.u don't ruin the person you love.does he really want to ruin blair until everything she has even her dreams are taken away from her because of serena? as much as i love their chemistry together,i dont think blair deserves a guy like chuck, who just keeps hurting her.


bitchy but true. Shouldn't wouldn't stand a chance of getting into Yale, with he record you couldn't even buy her in.


go blair!!!!!!!!


Blair better watch her back. Serena is in it to win.


Blair is good at making enemies.
She deserves whatever trouble she'll get into.


the audio doesn't match up...but it's better than nothing

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