The Best Life on Mars Quotes from Season One

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We've added a slew of quotes from Life on Mars following the show's first four episodes.

Browse through the complete collection of Life on Mars quotes today and don't forge to vote for your favorite. Here's a sample:

Ray: Shut your bazoo. 1968 called. It wants its dashiki back.

Sam: You see? Reeves' murder is looking more and more like a hate crime.
Gene: What? As opposed to an "I really, really like you" crime?

Windy: Book 'em Danno. Do you ever say that? Book 'em Danno.
Sam: I would if I worked with a guy named Danno.
Windy: You should hire one. How cool would that be?

Gene: If I'd wanted to be this bored, I'd go to Mass with the missus and her miserable mother.

Ray Carling: I have an ass that can fart every Peter, Paul & Mary song ever recorded.

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