Private Practice Caption Contest III

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Welcome to another Private Practice Insider Caption Contest.

This week's Caption Contest - featuring a photo from "Nothing to Talk About" - was sent in by nirkate, and appears beneath the photo. Scroll down for the full list of caption submissions and best of luck again this week!

Wooing Miss Addison

Charlotte: On-call room, NOW!
Addie: Hey, you're not Mark and we aren't in Seattle! We're not interested!
SWAT guy: Speak for yourself...

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Charlotte: On-call room, NOW! Addie: Hey, you're not Mark and we aren't in Seattle! We're not interested! SWAT guy: Speak for yourself...


Charlotte: Montgomery, I'm not paying you to eat sandwiches with your boyfriend. Addision: I'm taking lunch. Charlotte: Lunch is for sex with your boyfriend. Move your ass. Swatguy: I like her lunch plans better. Addison: Hey! (Pause, then smiling) Me too.


Charlotte (to Addison): Who told you I'd rather have a 'Cooper Sandwich'?!


KaDee: Kate you have to talk to the wardrobe guy. Kate: I know, this head-to-toe-in-one-colour-dressing sucks.


Charlotte: Montgomery, work for me! I'm offering you a job. Addie: No? Charlotte: Come on, why not? Addie: You can't afford me. Charlotte: Why not, you're an OB/GYN. Addie: True, I am a board certified OB/GYN, but I also have fellowships in Maternal-Fetal medicine and Medical Genetics *and* am one of the foremost neonatal surgeons in this country. Kevin: Oh my ... sounds like *I* can't afford you!


Charlotte: Are you thinking that here is the same drowsiness that you have in the Practice?! Addison: Ãh!? Kevin: Swat?! Ow... What?!


Addison (mumbling) "I can't move my mouth. Did you put superglue in my sandwich?" Charlotte "Yep, and I am not giving you the antidote unless you sign on with St. Ambrose! This is hardball, Montgomery, are you in or not?"


Charlotte: Montgomery, did you take my lunch? Addison: (Mouth full) No...


CHARLOTE: Addison! For the last time-do you wanna come to st.Ambrose?!
ADDIE: Do you have sandwiches?


Charlotte: So all that Oceanside breeze hasn't got the better of you yet, Montgomery; you've still got that cutting edge. Addison: Naw, I just swat it off with a sandwich. Kevin (SWAT Guy): Hey!