Round Table: "There's No 'I' in Team"

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While fans gather in our There's No 'I' in Team" include memorable quotes, Mer-Der, George-Lexie, Callie-Erica, and Izzie-Alex drama ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

McCritic: When Izzie said to Alex: "I care about you, and I'm not gonna go crazy, and I'm not gonna try to kill myself and I'm not gonna stop caring about you no matter how hard you push me away." I'm sorry. Didn't Izzie already go crazy when she broke up George's marriage to Callie?

missingBurke: Izzie's Good Will Hunting-esque "I care about you, I care about you, I care about you ..." That scene was really powerful and I like them together.

iheartizzie: After his intern referred to him as O'Malley and leaves, I loved George's meek reply (to no one in particular), "He probably should say Doctor O'Malley." Vintage George. As for whether Lexie going off on him was warranted, see next question.

Locker Room Action

2. Is Dr. O'Malley really a jerk or was Lexie out of line?

iheartizzie: George is unbelievably clueless if he can't pick up her signals, and why he didn't explain to her that he didn't ask for any interns is beyond me. But he's no jerk. As a venerable Lexipedia, young Grey should know that you have to be particularly overt with George or he won't take a hint. You can't get mad at O'Malley for being O'Malley.

McCritic: With Meredith maturing, I guess the show needed one Grey sister to enter Irrational Land. Lexie was very much out of line. And would you even wanna be an intern for the man you're in love with? Might lead to seriously - seriously! - awkward situations.

missingBurke: I'm with Lexie. It's one thing to not realize someone has feelings for you, but ignoring the poor girl is quite another. He made her feel invisible.

3. Was Derek ungrateful to Meredith or did he have a point?

missingBurke: I liked this story line because they both had good points. Derek should have been sensitive to how Meredith would react, but in his mind he is the attending and that's pretty much it. He can be stubborn sometimes, but as usual, McDreamy came around having thought it over a little.

McCritic: Meredith went too far when she referenced the "Shepherd-Grey" method. She already has a show named after her. Isn't that enough?

iheartizzie: Derek is the attending, sure, but since it wasn't even his idea to do the clinical trial, that argument is weak. Fortunately, Bailey talked some sense into Derek and - ever the romantic - he made amends with the timeless gift of a diseased kidney.

4. Will Callie and Erica last or fizzle out?

McCritic: I'm fully aboard the Horres bandwagon! While skeptical of the sudden lesbian angle at first, the show has handled this relationship in a realistic manner.

iheartizzie: The unfamiliar terrain makes this difficult to handicap. A lot may depend on the effectiveness of the famed Sloan method. The man's a genius, after all.

missingBurke: Callie has more chemistry with Mark. I see these casual lovers turned BFFs ending up together.

5. Is it too late for Izzie and Alex?

iheartizzie: No. They've had great chemistry from the start, and the way they're growing closer - or appear to be - makes a lot of sense, and the pacing feels just right.

missingBurke: No. They may still have a future as a couple. But it is too late for Alex to be Izzie's soulmate, as Denny wrapped up that title years ago.

McCritic: Yes. If only because there's no coherent nickname for these two. Azzie? Ilex? Nothing works.

Drs. Karev and Stevens

What do you think of Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens as a couple on Grey's Anatomy?

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I,d be all about writing for my love on Gizzie if Shonda actually gave them 30 seconds of airtime together. We did move on, we stopped watching. That is about the most moving on we can do. Hmm if you love Alex and Izzie, that means you are an AI fan, hello. I am sorry but the AI fans make no sense and keep saying stupid stuff like that making them feel like 5 year old idiots. I write much too well to be 5-year old. You on the other hand... Well most AI fans don't even know how to speak English correctly it seems. I don,t understand a word they are saying. The fact that people on some sites love AI doesn't mean they are popular, keep up: it means a lot of people on the Internet which represent about 5% of the entire fanbase like them, and you do know that some people post under various accounts but are the same person right? In real life, meaning off the Internet, I don't know anyone who likes the couple. They don,t vote and post on the Internet as they have lives but they do hate AI so much that many quit the show over them.


Alex and Izzie are disgusting. I feel like putting some disifectant on me after watching them together. I don't know how anyone can root for those two. Scratch that, I know, Alex looks hot. Yeah! He is still disgusting.


I agree to Rory. I am not an AI fan but I love Alex and Izzie together. And I kinda thinking many fans not just AI fans love the relation between Alex and Izzie based on comments from various sites. It's a fresh love story with more drama in it and I love to see more of them. Same as my favorite couple, Merder. Sorry to Gizzie fans. You guys need to move on. It's better if you write more about Gizzie than ur hate on Alex. You sound more like 5-year old kids, Milania.


No we are not awful. Women who defend abusive men and that way encourage women to be in real-life abusive relationships are the ones who are awful people. Tell the truth, the only reason you hated Gizzie, who were the best couple, the best relationship on the show, is because you don't find him attractive enough so you encourage abuse ahead of true love out of shallowness. That makes you awful. I believe the Gizzie fans were the majority and that is why the ratings have went down since 4.7 when they ended. I quit and so did everyone I know after that. I never voted on a poll or did a panel but I stopped watching, and that speaks a lot louder. I have one of those little black boxes too, so my ratings count.


I am sorry6 but we are bad people for thiniking a fictional couple is abusive. Hello do you realize how stupid and ignorant you sound? Maybe people would respect the AI fans if they didn't sound like 5-year old stupid kids. Alex is abusive. He should get psychological help. Izzie can help him by being his friend. Sjhe doesn't have to sleep with the guy. Amd yes I love Gizzie but I also love george and Lexie and adored Denny and Izzie and wouldn't mind Mark and Izzie so your little argument about hating AI because I am a Gizzie fan doesn't hold that much water, does it? I would rather Izzie be paired with the deer from season 4 premiere than with Alex and in case you missed it, plenty of Gizzie haters also loathe Alex and Izzie, including Maddie who posts here. Isn't it possible we hate Alex and Izzie because we see no chemistry and think they bring out the worst in each other? izzie is not being kind-hearted, she is acting like a battered wife who makes excuse for her abusive husband, and no abuse doesn't have to be only physical. Verbal abuse is abuse too. If you had ever been in a verbally abusive relationship you would know that. Abusive people are awful not the people who stand up against abuse, you are severely emotionally messed up if you think any opposite. It doesn,t seem Shonda knows what she is doing since the ratings are lower than they ever have been, 14 millions, down a whopping 25% and a whole lot of people, not just Gizzie fans, hate the show lately. Also, Derek is abusive too, noone said any different. There are relationships where people don't insult each other and always try to bring each other down, you know? Like the relationship George and Izzie had, whih is why their fans will always deplore Shonda's cowardice in dropping them to please shallow twits who think abuse is love and hotness is the only thing that matters in a love relationship. Shonda is stupid, she gave up a couple who has a huge fanbase who watched just for them to please haters who would have continued watching the show Gizzie or no Gizzie and who are nothing more but an overly vocal minority. That is stupid, and that is also gutless.


Gizzie fans got nothing else to say but trying to make people hate Alex. Izzie said the same thing to Alex. She called him son of the bitch. Previous post also mentioned that Derek also abusive since he called Meredith a "whore" and Addison "satan". Getting hit by your ex is different kind of abuse, Marah. Shonda knows what is the best for the show. And Izzie is the greatest girl in Grey's because she could see the inside of a broken person, believe in him and caring for him. She is the only girl who could save him. They have a great story and That's why I love to see more of them. We who found the decent side of Alex are second after Izzie. And those who think Alex is abusive is small minded person who can only see a person from the outside. You need to see more side of a person and it'll make you more like Izzie. And those who have to say Alex is abusive just because you can have back Gizzie and calling the writer stupid are the worst person ever. You don't have the good heart of Izzie and what make you have the right to say what is right for her.


because when Alex told Izzie to shut up because he couldn't stand the sound of her voice that showed just how much he loveed her. Same when he told her to get out and shut the hell up the last episode, that really meant I love you. When he cheated on her with olivia, that meant love. When he slept with that stranger on the premiere and had a nasty smirk because he wanted to get back at Izzie for daring to say he was a good guy, that was also love. You guys are all right and I am the one who doesn,t know what love is. Insulting someone means you secretely love them and treating them like dirt is really a secret aphrodisiac. I would hate AI even if I didn't love GI, which I do. George and izzie had romantic, sexual and friendship chemistry and could make me feel the gamut of emotions. I always cared when they were on. Now Grey is a big yawn to me, that is when it doesn't insult my intelligence and AI and their sudden insta-abuse love is an insult. It might please the little girls out there who are busy panting after Alex and his shirtless ab wonder, but not real mature smart women.


Alex is abusive. I was abused and he reminds me of my ex so much. I am done with this show. They break up George and Izzie who are hot and wonderful and treat each other as equals to replace it by an abusive, toxic relationship? Shonda is making light of my own abuse and I hope that every self-respecting women out there quits the show. The ratings are down. Let,s bring them even more down till Alex finally pays for his actions and the great couples like Gizzie are given a real chance.


Alex is abusive. Calling someone a stupid bitch is abusive. Yelling in her face all the time is abusive. Saying to someone you treat them like dirt because noone else will take it is abusive. I love how the AI fans thought it was too soon for Izzie to go from Denny to George but now Izzie was in love with George two weeks aago and now is in love with Alex and they don't have any problem with it or the fact Alex just went on from screwing a married unstable woman he claimed to love to loving Izzie in like 2 weeks. Alex has been there for izzie a grand total of once when Denny was dead and no longer a threat and he thought he could get her in bed. George is the one who has been there for her time and time again and Izzie the one who has been there for him. Izzie and Alex spent whole episodes without even speaking. George and Izzie never did until Shonda got scared of the haters and cowered liike a little chicken. Thing is a whole lot of people hate Alex and don't see any chemistry between Alex and Izzie, only abuse, and they have stopped watching the show because of it. That is why the ratings are so bad, Alex and Izzie. Most sane people don't root for abuse.


I do not know what the writers are doing.....but they are ruining the show. Why? Because I do not BUY what storylines they are trying to sell. They keep going back on all of the previous episodes and not linking them to each other. What happened to the old Grey's that would make you laugh, cry, angry, and then unbelievably happy all in one episode? Now I just have one feeling....nausea. That is how Hahn and Callie make me feel every time I watch Grey's. I HATE that they can not find something better to do with those characters. Another thing....where is Mark's character going with this show? He is an unbelievably hot man....but he is Derek's best friend. There HAS to be a brain or heart in there somewhere. Give the Chief something to do besides yell at the staff. Where is Adele? Bailey's husband and son? Probably the best and most moving episode of last season was "Lay your hands on me" yet we NEVER had the satisfaction of seeing it all play out. We need something FRESH...something that is going to make us line up and throw the server to be able to watch it over and over again online.

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