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Blake Lively (Serena Van der Woodsen) and John Patrick Amedori (Aaron Rose) were spotted filming Gossip Girl in the middle of Times Square in New York City.

The character of Aaron Rose, an artist with a philanthropic side, will appear on Gossip Girl soon. He's expected to be a new love interest for our girl Serena.

Blake Lively, John Patrick Amedori

If there were any doubt that sparks will fly between the two, check out the steamy photo after the jump (shield your eyes, Dan Humphrey fans) ...

Serena van der Woodsen, Aaron Rose

OMG. Looks like the controversial kiss between Nate and Jenny isn't the only big change we have to look forward to in future episodes. Thoughts?

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blair and dan foreverrrrr.


This guys name is Aaron Rose and he is Blair's step brother


they're cuttie


OMG!!!! he is so ugly. i really hope she's on drugs or something cause Aaron is gross. Hopefully D will sweep her off her feet again, otherwise i think S might be trading down instead of up.


Omggg, I totally agree with you Madison, I guess that I think that the idea of Blair and Dan is something great. Like it would just be good. I mean, we all know that Blair is a really good person inside, and that's why her and Dan would be good togehter. I know there is a lot of dan and serena fans but come on there drama is just so old. they cant just be happy, and thats annoying. I lovveee the blair and dan idea.... we should start a petition...


omg i hate serena and all but A is so DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN .i hope he stays a while in the show .


the books confuse me. and the books are so perverted. the show is so much better!


A is so not hot. I am currently reading the books and I don't like D and S together. But in the show S and D are a must.. And why is A there? In the books, A is suppose to B's stepbrother, and in the show Eleanor is not remarried. And... why does B never have a real boyfriend. I don't think Marcus counts, cause he was involved with his stepmom. Gross.
I thought M and B would be great, cause he is a lord and all, but Catherine ruined it.


ew...she is way too hot for him! and i want her with nate! SCREW IT JOSH SCREW ALL OF IT!!!!


does anyone see the resemblance between aaron and rufus? like mother like daughter.

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