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Blake Lively (Serena Van der Woodsen) and John Patrick Amedori (Aaron Rose) were spotted filming Gossip Girl in the middle of Times Square in New York City.

The character of Aaron Rose, an artist with a philanthropic side, will appear on Gossip Girl soon. He's expected to be a new love interest for our girl Serena.

Blake Lively, John Patrick Amedori

If there were any doubt that sparks will fly between the two, check out the steamy photo after the jump (shield your eyes, Dan Humphrey fans) ...

Serena van der Woodsen, Aaron Rose

OMG. Looks like the controversial kiss between Nate and Jenny isn't the only big change we have to look forward to in future episodes. Thoughts?

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Relationship between Dan and Serena made me bored. I think Serena-Aaron would be better. But the BEST is NATE AND SERENA! N is supposed to be S


aww i always loved the thought of dan and serena being together forever but again its just a thought and i guess its good theres alot more twists makes the show that much more interesting...i love serena thought shes my favorite!!! xo Blair Alicia


I hate Serena and Dan breaking up too. But if I was to wright the plot the show would be quite boring. However, the writers did a great job in creating 'the-perfect-couple-that-cannot-be': They broke while telling each other they were still in love... The sadest thing in the world! For this they owe us to bring them back together in the end!


We want to see Serena and Dan's love. We need this. Why perfect love over. Dont do that please. If you change cosmos change.


his style is like DAN! cardigan with that kind of shirt... hahaha.. thats Dan humprey right? well, wonder whats the twist since he will appear for only 4 episodes


He's basically Dan with longer hair...


omg he is so cute and i'm so happy she and dan broke up


This is great. It's definitely time for Serena and Dan to move on. And this Aaron Rose character is totally her type! Although, it would be nice to see Dan and Serena make up. I hate seeing them fight like this! xoxo


I'm just not seeing the cuteness in this guy. I expected S to move up. Aaron looks like a skinnier, weaker Dan.


he has the kind of artish look, god i love it!
CHUCK AND BLAIR get hitched already!

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