Taylor Momsen Style Watch: Hit or Miss?

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Taylor Momsen flashed a smile - and a little bit more - on the set of Gossip Girl in New York on Tuesday. Check out the latest style from the Gossip Girl actress - from her hair down to her jewelry and clothes - and tell us your opinion(s) of her style ...

Taylor Momsen Style Watch

What do you think of Taylor Momsen's latest look?

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She is soooooo pretty.Taylor is like,MY IDOL!Lol.


WHERE CAN I GET THE DRESS AND JACKET? ITS SO HOT~ I'M thinking of having it made.


does anyone know where to get this dress and sweater?!?!???
im absolutely dying to have both!!!


Sorry not a fan of her new style, okay she might like it for her but for the character Jenny, its so wrong. For one thing in the book Jenny is sweet and not edgy and at no point did she go edgy. i know that the book is different from the show but atleast stick their personality. Taylor is already preety without make-up so go light on the make-up and clothes wise, please dont go Skimmpy!


i think that's a look of lindsay lohan.
properly a rock star.
those crunkers. man!
stop ruining your natural beauty.


i think she better stick with her age,, she is a bit overdone in the movie.
i hated jenny H, think she should put on more cloth.


her eyeliner is wayyy to thick. she shouldnt wear so much makeup, she has soo much natural beauty


Ok, are they trying to cake the makeup on Taylor so she appears older so that we don't all cringe while she makes out with a 23 year old?
Not working for me.


Whoa, Taylor! Luv her but her new look isn't the best for a 15-year-old.


Love the outfit. Hate the hair.

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